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Langtang Valley, which was established in 1976 and happens to be the first Himalayan National Park is the closest trekking destination to Kathmandu. However, it is the site of the largest single catastrophe of the 2015 earthquake that was immeasurably wrecked. The trek takes you to the most enchanted valleys that have a mysticism of their own with their unique features and diversity. Langtang Valley happens to be the most popular destination despite being the less trodden area. It is the right choice to escape the commercial trekking destinations and the maddening crowd into the genuine Himalayan serenity.

Unlike Everest and Annapurna, Langtang is indeed very magical and it's thrilling to get dissolved into its mysticism. It is certainly mesmerizing and also very commonly known as the home of red pandas. The following statement aptly gives you the reasons to choose Langtang Trekking.

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A few reasons to pick Langtang trekking are:

  • Very Fascinating Legend.
  • Peaceful and Welcoming People.
  • Rich and Unique Culture.
  • Easily Accessible.
  • the views.
  • It's Moderate in Terms of Difficulty and safe.

1) Fascinating account:

Legend speaks that a Lama (a Buddhist Monk) coincidentally discovered the valley of Langtang. He, while following his runaway yak found this delightful valley and was fascinated by its beauty. The Lama was so absorbed in its elegance that he named the valley “Langtang”. Here the word “Lang” signifies “yak” and “Tang” represents Follow. This beautiful legend has been passed on for generations. The history of the inhabitants and the settlements dates back more than 300 years.

The Tibetan tribal Nomads for numerous reasons traveled over the high Himalayas passes and took refuge in this valley. They now claim themselves to be the “Tamangs”, who have a different language and the 5th most spoken language in Nepal. Subsequently, they being of Tibetan origin one can witness the Tibetan culture that is reflected in their day-to-day life, unlike the Tamangs.

2) Welcoming people:

Despite the people in this beautiful valley being the Tibetan origin, they are very generous and very hospitable. You could hardly witness the brunt of 2015 EARTHQUAKE in their faces as they bore beautiful shining smiles that gleamed with contentment. Their generosity reflects very well over the tradition they follow in considering every individual as a special guest. These people have lived a tough lifestyle, but despite that, they are very friendly and in general peace-loving people. Despite their hectic Himalayan lifestyle and the 2015 earthquake they have a positive outlook on life and enjoy every second of their existence.

3) Culture:

The valley is home to peace-loving ‘Tamangs’ with their unique culture, language, and ancient Tibetan Buddhism. From the very first day, anyone would witness the prayer flags, prayer walls, prayer stones, or prayer wheels inscribed by sacred Tibetan mantras. Besides, there are numerous monasteries that demonstrate Tibetan Buddhism influences.

However, the holy Gosaikunda Lake at an altitude of 4380 m/14,370 ft which remains frozen for 6 months in the winter gives you the influence of Hinduism. Holy Gosaikunda Lake is religiously significant. There is a belief that the supreme deity, Lord Shiva created it. Legends state that he shoved his trident into the mountain to get fresh water to cool his poisoned throat. Interestingly, in August during the full moon of the Janai Purnima festival, thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and India including the Shamans visit Gosaikunda to worship Lord Shiva. This, however, displays a great harmony between Hinduism and Buddhism that exists in Nepal. Furthermore, the people in this valley worship and respect both religions with great acceptance.

4) Easily accessible:

Roughly 117 km / 72 miles drive from the capital city, Kathmandu – Langtang is the closest and most easily accessible trekking destination. No need to take a small aircraft flight to the remote mountain airports. This literally means there’s no need to agonize yourself with the thought of bad weather or flight cancellation. It’s simply an electrifying 7 – 8 hours drive in a 4-wheel jeep that cruises into the countryside's undulating roadway. The F.I.Ts (free independent travel) take public transportation in and out to appreciate the ultimate Langtang experience.

5) The Views:

Langtang Valley Trekking is one of the most remarkable trekking destinations in Nepal that delivers diverse settings, unlike Everest or Annapurna. It is very charming with beautiful contrasts of mountains, ancient settlements, deep gorges, and high-altitude lakes. Moreover, the charismatic views of the mountain and the flawless surroundings create a center of attention for thousands of tourists every year. The view of the landscapes, soaring hill cliffs, thousands of ancient farming terraces, and deep gorges is outstanding.

Walking on the trail of the longstanding forest of rhododendrons is remarkable. Cruising through a time-honored Tamang settlement with majestic mountain views at the backdrop is beyond belief. No matter which routes you choose, it takes you from sub-tropical to alpine delivering a wonderful trekking experience.

6) Moderate and Safe:

The Langtang trekking activity level can be best considered moderate and can be attained by anyone with a sound level of fitness. Langtang starts off from a very low elevation providing anyone ample opportunity for acclimatization. Trekking in the region of Langtang is safe after the tragic 2015 earthquake devastation. This beautiful valley of Langtang will be renovated, restored, and re-established with a novelty in the years to come. You may still see the remnants of the brunt that this valley had to take during the fatal earthquake.

However, people have managed to rise without losing their hopes. Langtang has never failed to lure travelers though with its charm of beauty and diversity. These are the few among thousands that explain to you the reasons to choose Langtang Trekking.

Sunil Gurung

Sunil Gurung

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