Panch Pokhari Trek

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Panch Pokhari Trek
At a Glance
  • Duration7 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Places to Visit Sindhupalchok/Panch Pokhari or FIVE LAKES
  • Max Altitude 4,100m/13,451ft.
  • Group Size 2-15
  • Starts Kathmandu
  • Ends Kathmandu
  • Activity Basic Accommodation Trekking
  • Best Season Spring/Autumn/Winter

Highlights of the Panch Pokhari Trek:

  • Natural Diversity: From dense forests of rhododendron, pine, and oak to high-altitude pastures, the trek presents a diverse range of ecosystems.
  • Panch Pokhari Lakes: The five pristine lakes at an altitude of over 4,000 meters are the main draw, reflecting the surrounding peaks and offering a serene ambiance for reflection and relaxation.
  • Panoramic Views: Spectacular vistas of the Himalayas unfold at various points along the trek, rewarding trekkers with awe-inspiring views that make the arduous journey worth it.
  • Unique Flora and Fauna: The region is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including elusive wildlife like musk deer, Himalayan thar, and different bird species, making it a treat for nature enthusiasts.

Panch Pokhari or Five Lakes Trek Overview (4100 m / 13,451 feet)

Cushioned amongst the majestic Himalayas of Nepal, the Panch Pokhari Trek stands as a testimony to nature's exquisite beauty and spiritual reverence. Panch Pokhari Trek is a path leading to the sanctity of five glacial lakes nestled at the foothills of the majestic Jugal Himal.

These pristine lakes, forming Panch Pokhari or FIVE LAKES, hold honored status as a pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists. This trek uncovers its mystical charm in the remote wilderness of Nepal's northeast Sindhupalchowk district. It beckons adventurers into the heart of unspoiled natural beauty.

This captivating journey leads adventurers through a marvel of landscapes, presenting a harmonious blend of lush forests, alpine meadows, and rugged terrain. At its heart lie the sacred Panch Pokhari—The five crystalline lakes hugged within the high altitudes.

Each of these Lakes shines like a jewel against the backdrop of towering peaks. This trek isn't merely a path through mountains; it's a passage to tranquility, where the whispers of the wind and the serene lakes summon self-reflection and admiration.

The charm of Panch Pokhari Trek extends beyond its scenic vistas. It embodies a cultural beauty woven with the threads of ancient traditions and local customs. Along the trail, encounters with Tamang and Sherpa communities offer a glimpse into their lives, adorned with vibrant traditions and warm hospitality.

Picturesque villages, adorned with vibrant prayer flags and accompanied by majestic monasteries, beautify the journey. They tell a story of spiritual devotion and reverence for the Himalayan landscape that surrounds them.

Embarking on the Panch Pokhari Trek isn't merely a physical journey; it's a pilgrimage of the soul. The trek unfolds like a showpiece, with each step revealing a new setting of natural splendor. Blooming rhododendrons, the whispering pines, and the towering Himalayan peaks cast their shadows upon the magical valleys.

It's a pilgrimage that nourishes the spirit, inviting trekkers to relish themselves in the pristine wilderness. It's a journey that finds harmony amidst the untouched beauty of Nepal's highlands.

The enchanting journey of the Panch Pokhari Trek deserves an honored spot on your bucket list of adventures.

Basicness of Panch Pokhari Trek

The fun of the Panch Pokhari Trek lies in its elemental connection to the raw and untouched landscapes of the Himalayas. While it offers a moderate level of challenge, the trek remains accessible to those with a basic level of fitness and trekking experience. Its trail, though rugged at times, navigates through diverse terrain.

Its basic nature, devoid of excessive crowds or modern amenities, fosters an intimate connection with nature. It allows trekkers to embrace the purity and serenity of the journey. This trek's beauty lies in its simplicity. It's a genuine trekking experience for trekkers to celebrate the simple majesty of Nepal's natural wonders.

Basic facilities along the Panch Pokhari Trek include rustic teahouses and campsites strategically scattered throughout the trail. Trekkers can expect simple accommodations with modest amenities. Thay may include shared dormitory rooms or tents, basic meals offering local fare, and common washing areas.

Access to electricity, device charging, WiFi, Phone reception, luxury accommodation, and hot showers may be limited or unavailable in many areas. This trek basically emphasizes a back-to-nature experience amid the serene wilderness.

Travelers should prepare with essential supplies, including trekking gear, as the trek predominantly offers a rustic and basic setting. This Panch Pokhari Trek essentially allows adventurers to be themselves in the raw beauty of the Himalayas.

Despite its natural simplicity, the Panch Pokhari Trek doesn't compromise on its ability to captivate hearts and minds. It presents an authentic Himalayan experience, combining camping under starlit skies or basic homestay facilities. Besides, it also extends encounters with local communities.

Fascination of Panch Pokhari Trek:

  • Sacred Lakes: The highlight of this trek is the five glacial lakes at Panch Pokhari, revered by both Hindus and Buddhists. These lakes hold religious significance and draw pilgrims during the Janai Purnima festival.
  • Breathtaking Scenery: The trail navigates through diverse landscapes—lush forests, terraced fields, alpine meadows, and rugged terrain. The trip offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas, including Dorje Lakpa, Langtang, Jugal Himal, and Rolwaling range.
  • Cultural Encounters: Trekking through traditional villages allows you to interact with the locals. Experience their customs, and witness the unique Tamang and Sherpa cultures.
  • Peaceful Solitude: Compared to some popular trekking routes, Panch Pokhari offers a quieter and less crowded experience. It certainly provides a sense of tranquility amid nature.

The fun of Trekking Panch Pokhari:

  • Adventure and Challenge: The trek presents a moderate level of difficulty, making it accessible to most trekkers while still offering a sense of adventure and accomplishment.
  • Camping or Homestay Experience: The trek involves camping and homestay facilities at various scenic locations. This allows trekkers to experience the thrill of sleeping under the stars in the lap of the Himalayas.
  • Cultural: Engaging with local communities and staying in teahouses provides an authentic cultural experience, offering insights into the traditional way of life in the Himalayas.
  • Personal Reflection: The serene atmosphere around the lakes provides an excellent opportunity for introspection and meditation. It's a beautiful break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The Panch Pokhari Trek is a soul-stirring journey that not only highlights the natural greatness of Nepal's Himalayas. It also offers a chance to connect with spirituality, culture, and oneself amidst the pristine beauty of the high-altitude lakes.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:jj
  • Day 02:jj
  • Day 03:hhh

Panch Pokhari Trek Detailed Itinerary

        What's Included
        • PERMITS: All Essential permits required to trek in the region.
        • PICKUP AND DROPS: Airport pickup and drop facilities on both Domestic and International flights are included.
        • ACCOMMODATION: Three-star twin bed sharing hotel Accommodation in KATHMANDU on a Bed / Breakfast basis.
        • WELCOME DINNER: Welcome dinner in a typical traditional Nepali restaurant.
        • SIGHTSEEING: Half-day guided city sightseeing to two most sacred World Heritage Sites with a paid entrance fee.
        • TAXES: All Government and Local tax.
        • GROUND TRANSPORTATION: All Ground transportation to and from the preferred destination as per the itinerary – PRIVATE VEHICLE.
        • STAFF TRANSPORTATION: All ground transportation for all staff as required.
        • EQUIPMENT: Fundamental trekking gear like a sleeping bag with fleece liners, Primaloft jacket, Rain Poncho, Yak-Track, Trekking Poles, etc.
        • LODGING: Local Tea-house or HOME STAY/TENT accommodation on a twin-sharing basis.
        • DRINKING WATER: Properly boiled hot water for drinking is provided every evening and morning – so it’s wise to have bottles equivalent to 3 liters or bottles along with a Rehydration Bag (camel bag).
        • GLORIOUS FOOD: All Meals (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast with hot beverages) during the trek.
        • TREK LEADER: An accomplished Trekking Group Leader (Legitimate Guiding License Holder) and assistant guide.
        • STAFF INSURANCE & ALLOWANCES: All Ground Staff and their Allowances + their insurance.
        • SAFETY CONCERNS: An all-inclusive comprehensive medical kit on all trips.
        • COMPLIMENTARY TAKE AWAY: Take away the Nepal Pyramids duffel bag, T-shirt, Buff (multi-functional head-wear), and trekking Map.
        What's Excluded
        • NEPAL VISA: A fee of $50 that is levied on a 30-day Nepali visa.
        • INTERNATIONAL AIRFARE: The cost of all international flights.
        • PERSONAL EXPENSES: All personal expenses that may include Nepalese SIM card, internet, battery charging, hot shower, laundry, fizzy drinks, Alcohol, etc.
        • EMERGENCY: A medical examination of any kind, High Altitude Evacuation over any circumstances, Air Evacuation and Rescues.
        • DONATIONS: Donations of any kind.
        • STAFF TIPPING: Tipping is entirely a personal matter, however, it’s a trekking culture.
        • EXTRA NIGHTS: Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu on early arrival or Late departure.
        • SANCTIONS: Permits or the letter of Authorization that is required for special Filming, big Drones, and Filming Cameras.
        • INSURANCE: All-inclusive Travel or medical insurance is a must.
        • EXTRA PORTER: Over request Extra Porter or Assistant is provided that may include the cost of $25 per day.
        • OPTIONAL TOURS: Optional tours and sightseeing or any activities during free time.
        Essential Trip Information

        Panch Pokhari - The Five Lakes in Sindhupalchok - The Religious Significance

        Panch Pokhari, translating to "Five Lakes" in Nepali, holds profound religious significance in the cultural and spiritual landscape of Nepal. The lakes are situated at an elevation of about 4,100 meters above sea level and are surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Jugal Himal range. These five sacred lakes are revered by both Hindu and Buddhist communities, embodying a unique harmony of beliefs and traditions.

        For Hindus, Panch Pokhari is deeply associated with Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism, and his partner Goddess Parvati. Legend has it that when Lord Shiva swallowed poison to save the world during the churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan), the poison made him extremely thirsty. To soothe his burning throat, he struck the ground with his trident, creating these five pristine lakes filled with crystal-clear water.

        Devotees make a pilgrimage to Panch Pokhari during the Janai Purnima Festival which falls in the month of August. It is a significant festival where they take a holy dip in these sacred waters to cleanse themselves spiritually and seek blessings. On this occasion, thousands of pilgrims perform rituals, prayers, and offerings at the lakes. The Hindu Pilgrims also change the sacred thread (Janai) that they wear around their bodies.

        The lakes are also associated with the five Pandava brothers, the heroes of the longest Sanskrit epic Poem, Mahabharata. They are said to have visited the lakes during their exile. The lakes are named after the five Pandavas: Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva. The largest and most sacred lake is Yudhishthira Pokhari, which has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on its shore. The other lakes are Bhima Pokhari, Arjuna Pokhari, Nakula Pokhari, and Sahadeva Pokhari.

        Buddhists also revere Panch Pokhari as a sacred site. It is believed to be a residence of the local protective deity, Jambhu Lama. Buddhist Pilgrims visit this site, especially during auspicious occasions and festivals. The serene ambiance and natural beauty of the lakes also draw meditation enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. As it offers a tranquil setting beneficial to meditation and inner reflection.

        Beyond its religious significance, Panch Pokhari holds ecological importance as well. The lakes are also home to various species of flora and fauna including rare and endangered species like Red Panda. It is a part of the Langtang National Park, a protected area that conserves the rich biodiversity and the cultural heritage of the region. It serves as a watershed for several rivers, contributing to the region's ecological balance and water resources.

        The pilgrimage to Panch Pokhari is not merely a physical journey but a spiritual quest. It symbolizes a connection between humans and nature. It's a pursuit of inner peace and divine blessings in a sacred Himalayan setting steeped in legend and reverence. It’s a sanctuary of serenity where nature's embrace and the guidance of the spirit intertwine, guiding one toward the divine.

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          Hassle Free

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