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Meet Our Team (Nepal Pyramids Family)

“Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team-work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

Meet our Dedicated CORE TEAM - The Heart and Soul of Nepal Pyramids. Their resolute commitment and relentless service are the magic behind our success. Our vision may paint the picture of our ambition, but it is our team's tireless support that brings this picture to life. We're a closely-knit family, and it is their unity, companionship, and mutual encouragement that fuels our journey toward our goals. Together, we're not just dreaming of miracles, we're creating them.

Today I very proudly acknowledge that NEPAL PYRAMIDS is indeed a company managed by a loving team of professionals who would always surpass expectations in organizing any preferred trips and cater to our visitors with extreme concern. These people have given their lives to grant our valued visitors a quality service with great safety and make their journey to Nepal a journey of a lifetime.

Thank you for choosing the 'NEPAL PYRAMIDS TREKKING & CLIMBING'.

  • Sunil Gurung

    Sunil Gurung

    Sunil Gurung, the heart and soul behind Nepal Pyramids, boasts over two decades of adventure expertise. Not just an adventurer, Sunil is a certified first aider and medicine expert, blending professionalism with his warm customer relations. His commitment as a social worker shines brightly through his affiliation with various organizations including KEEP. Shaping his passion and skill, he has climbed some of the renowned climbing peaks and since 2006, he's been mentoring aspiring leaders in the trekking realm, shaping the future of this industry through 'Group Leadership Training' courses. His impact reaches far, influencing organizations like TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal). At Nepal Pyramids, Sunil, as a Managing Director regulates strategies with the best quality service, consistently prioritizing clients' contentment. 


  • Arjun Magar
    Operation Manager

    Arjun Magar

    A decade-long experience in leading groups in the wilderness Arjun Magar has undeniably demonstrated great creativity and impressive professionalism. Besides, being a Travel Advisor, Arjun is as well a Senior Group Leader who is crucial for the company with practical knowledge and experience in handling situations at higher levels with vigor and contentment. He is extremely creative and over the years his curiosity has led him to participate in varied leadership and medical courses. He has taken the initiative in contributing great responsibility in supervising official leadership and refreshment training. He is very capable and always quick on his feet with sensible reactions in all circumstances. He is well known for his skills, professionalism, and sense of humor.

  • Tshring Lama
    Climbing Leader

    Tshring Lama

    Tsering Lama is one of the very proficient mountain climbing professionals gifted with true mountain leadership and technical skills. Born and brought up in Nepalian Highland and Typical Nepali culture, he has thrived over the years in fostering himself into a determined mountaineer. Many years of experience in the field of trekking and climbing took him further to pursue his climbing goals which led him to conquer several 6000m and 7000m peaks in Nepal and abroad. His hard work, persistence, and self-belief led him to successfully brag the “EVEREST SUMMITER” title in 2021. We are very proud to have someone like Mr. Tshring Lama who has unquestionably contributed enough to brighten our company.

  • Netra Tamang
    Trekking Group Leader

    Netra Tamang

    Netra Tamang, a proud native of Dolakha district, shines brightly as one of our leading trek guides. He has been in this adventure world for the last 3 decades and his journey is proof of resilience and steady commitment. Despite his struggle with better educational challenges, he outshone everyone in language achievement and mastering leadership skills. His ability to deal with any kind of emergency in the wilderness is unparalleled, a skill that sets him apart. Notably, he has lent his expertise to esteemed international travel agencies like Peregrine Treks in Australia and Exodus Adventure in Britain. A true gem within our company, Netra ensures his clients not only meet but exceed their expectations, leaving them delighted and content.

  • Aakash KC
    Group Leader

    Aakash KC

    Serving in the field of Trekking and Climbing Aakash Kc is one among the professional when it comes to leading groups. His passion and curiosity for adventure made him stand out with his distinguished hallmark amid abundant other mountain leaders. Very well known for his decade long experience, professionalism and sense of humor.  Has undergone extensive training in regards to first aid, emergency rescues, Rock Climbing and Mountain Leadership Courses. A legitimate mountain leader recognized by the Government of Nepal.

  • Rigzin Tamang
    Group Leader

    Rigzin Tamang

    Rigzin Tamang, though a college boy he is working as a group leader since years. Very young and energetic, always ready to go an extra mile to give the best of trekking experience.

  • Nabin Thapa
    Group Leader

    Nabin Thapa

    Nabin Thapa is professional and has years of experience in the field of tours and trekking. Having utmost curiosity regarding tourism he is very passionate in regards to his research for tourism and hospitality studies. Being a local and guiding since long he is very knowledgeable, medically trained and very reliable.

  • Bikash Bania
    Group Leader

    Bikash Bania

    Bikash Baniya has been working in the field of travel and tourism since ages. He has served as a group leader in varied trekking companies who is very well with climbing techniques, first aid, customer relation and emergency procedures. He is a Legitimate leader who is certified by the Government of Nepal.