Langtang Trekking

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"Langtang Trekking is fascinating though this valley, the closest trekking destination to Kathmandu is the site of the largest single catastrophe of the 2015 earthquake that got immeasurably wrecked. Witness the transformation of this fascinating Langtang after the 2015 earthquake."

Legend speaks that the valley of Langtang was discovered by a Lama (Buddhist Monk) while following a runaway yak and was named after this incident. The sacred valley of Langtang situated in the north of Kathmandu is one of the most admirable trekking regions in Nepal.

Despite being a less visited area as compared to Everest and Annapurna regions, Langtang is unique on its own. The towering snow-capped mountains like Langtang Lirung (7246 m) to the north; Gang Chhenpo(6388 m) and Naya Kanga ri (5846 m) to the south and Dorje Lakpa(6966 m) to the east appear brilliant at the backdrop in the midst of deep- untouched valley and cultured villages.

Wildlife with ample floras is very well preserved to give someone the taste of Ecotourism. The Tamangs, the people of this region are peace-loving people and their Tibetan origin culture has its own eccentricity. Very untouched and well-maintained serenity, Langtang is very startling for those who fancy escaping the regular bustling major trails and want to benefit from the serene surroundings.

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