Langtang Gosaikunda and Helembu Trek

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Langtang Gosaikunda and Helembu Trek
At a Glance
  • Duration16 Days
  • Difficulty Level Challenging
  • Places to Visit Langtang/Gosaikunda Lake/Lauribina Pass
  • Max Altitude 4,610m/15,124ft.
  • Group Size 2-15
  • Starts Syabru Besi
  • Ends Chisapani
  • Activity Teahouse Lodge Trekking
  • Best Season Spring/Autumn

Langtang Gosaikunda and Helembu Trek Highlights

Langtang Gosainkunda Lake and Helembu Trek is a mesmerizing journey that takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of the Langtang region, culminating in the sacred Gosainkunda Lake. The Langtang Gosainkunda Lake Trek through Lauribina Pass promises an unforgettable adventure, combining natural beauty, cultural experience, and spiritual exploration.

  • Begin your adventure by traversing the picturesque Langtang Valley, where you'll be surrounded by towering mountains, lush forests, and charming Tamang villages.
  • Ascend to the majestic Kyanjin Gompa, a Buddhist monastery nestled in the lap of Langtang Lirung, offering panoramic views of the surrounding peaks.
  • Explore the enchanting Kyanjin Gompa village, where you can witness the traditional lifestyle of the locals and visit the historic Swiss cheese factory.
  • Embark on a side excursion to Kyanjin Ri (4770 m) or Tsergo Ri (4980 m), where you'll be rewarded with awe-inspiring vistas of the grandiose mountains that dominate the horizon.
  • Continue your trek towards the sacred Gosainkunda Lake, the habitat of the Hindus Supreme deity, Lord SHIVA is a revered pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists.
  • Witness the spiritual ambiance and the stunning beauty of the turquoise lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks.
  • Challenge yourself as you cross the challenging Lauribina Pass, situated at an elevation of 4610 m.
  • Marvel at the panoramic views of the Himalayas and the vast expanse of the Langtang region.
  • Descend through the pristine alpine meadows and dense forests, encountering diverse flora and fauna along the way.
  • Conclude your trek with a visit to the traditional Tamang villages of, where you can interact with the friendly locals and learn about their unique culture.

Langtang Gosaikunda and Helembu Trek Overview

This 13-day   Langtang Gosaikunda and Helambu trek into the sacred valley of Langtang region is another spectacular trek. It includes a stopover to the holy Gosaikunda Lake at an altitude of 4, 380 m/14,370 feet which remains frozen for 6 months in the winter.

Legend speaks that a Lama (Buddhist Monk) discovered the valley of Langtang. He, while following a runaway yak found Langtang and was named after this incident. Accordingly, the name Langtang represents "follow Yak" where 'Lang is Yak' and 'Tang is Follow'.

Shin Gompa or Sing Gompa (3,330 m/10,925 feet)

Shin Gompa has played a crucial role in connecting the Langtang region with Tibetan culture and Buddhism. This tranquil settlement of Shin Gompa is renowned for its Buddhist monastery, where travelers can engage themselves in the peaceful ambiance. They can learn about Tibetan Buddhism, and witness the daily rituals performed by the resident monks.

While there may not be extensive written records, the history of Shin Gompa is passed down through oral tradition and local legends. However, it is believed to have been established by Buddhist monks and hermits who sought refuge in the pristine and serene landscapes of the Langtang Valley.

Over time, it has grown in prominence and significance. The area offers breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains and the pristine high-altitude landscapes of the Langtang Valley. It is a perfect place for trekkers to find both cultural enrichment and natural beauty.

Shin Gompa's serene charm and its connection to the spiritual heart of the region make it a memorable stop for those exploring the Langtang area.

Holy Gosaikunda Lake (4,380 m/ 14,370 feet:

Holy Gosaikunda Lake is a sacred gem of the Himalayas. Perched at an awe-inspiring altitude of 4,380 meters (14,370 feet), this glacial lake has great religious significance for both Hindus and Buddhists alike. According to mythology, Gosaikunda is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva, and it is said that he created this divine lake by thrusting his trident into the ground to quench his thirst. 

Interestingly, in August during the full moon of the Janai Purnima festival, thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and India including the Shamans visit Gosaikunda to worship Lord Shiva. Devotees embark on a challenging pilgrimage to pay homage to the deities and cleanse themselves of sins in the purifying waters of Gosaikunda.

Surrounded by rugged mountains and pristine wilderness, the lake offers breathtaking panoramic views that leave travelers in awe. Beyond its spiritual allure, Gosaikunda enchants visitors with its turquoise waters reflecting the snow-capped peaks above, making it a sanctuary of tranquility and natural beauty in the heart of the Himalayas.

Note: Langtang Valley, the trekking destination closest to Kathmandu, was severely impacted by the devastating 2015 earthquake, resulting in unimaginable destruction. However, it is truly remarkable to witness the incredible transformation that has taken place in this captivating region since the earthquake.

Lauribina pass (4,610 m / 15,124 feet):

Lauribina Pass is a mesmerizing high-altitude mountain pass that beckons adventurers and trekkers alike. At an impressive altitude of approximately 4,610 meters (15,125 feet), the pass presents a challenging yet rewarding trekking experience. The journey to Lauribina Pass treats explorers to a spectacular display of nature's grandeur, with rugged terrains, and charming mountain villages dotting the route.

As trekkers ascend higher, they are enveloped by an awe-inspiring panorama of snow-capped peaks that stretch as far as the eye can see. The attraction of Lauribina Pass lies not only in its breathtaking vistas but also in the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment one gains upon reaching the summit.

Crossing Lauribina Pass is not just a physical feat, but a spiritual and cultural journey as well. The region holds immense significance for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. Along the trail trekkers encounter sacred sites, prayer flags, monasteries, and Chortens that stand as symbols of reverence.

It is believed that the pass itself has religious importance, and those who complete the trek receive blessings and a sense of spiritual enrichment.

Lauribina Pass promises an unforgettable experience that blends the beauty of nature with the depth of culture and spirituality.

Langtang and its People:

Though a less visited area Langtang happens to be the most popular destination. It is certainly mesmerizing and also very commonly known as the home of red pandas. The settlement in this region dates back to 300 years when Tibetan migrants traveled and took refuge. They now consider themselves to be the Tamangs.

This is the reason why in their day-to-day life Tibetan culture still reflects, unlike the Tamangs. Despite them being the Tibetan origin- the charismatic views of the mountain, the generosity of the people, and the flawless surroundings create a center of attention for thousands of tourists every year.

Walking on the trail of the longstanding forest of rhododendrons is remarkable. Cruising through a time-honored Tamang settlement with majestic mountain views at the backdrop is beyond belief. Finally, Langtang Gosaikunda and Helambu Trek is one of the most remarkable trekking routes in the Langtang trekking region.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Pick up from Airport and transfer to Hotel (1,400 m/4,593 feet)
  • Day 02:Half day city tour / afternoon trek briefing and preparation /welcome dinner.
  • Day 03:Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (1,460 m/4,790 feet)
  • Day 04:Syaprubesi to Lama Hotel (2,410 m/7,906 feet)
  • Day 05:Lama Hotel to Langtang (3,430 m/11,253 feet)
  • Day 06:Langtang to Kyanjin Gumba (3,830 m/12,565 feet)
  • Day 07:Exploration day at Kyanjin Gumba climb the kyanjin Ri (4,770 m/15,649 feet)
  • Day 08:Trek back from Kyanjin Gumba to Lama Hotel (2,410 m/7,906 feet)
  • Day 09:Lama Hotel to Thulo Syapru (2,210 m/1,250 feet)
  • Day 10:Thulo Syapru to Shin Gompa (3,330 m/10,925 feet)
  • Day 11:Sing Gompa to Holy Gosaikunda Lake (4,380 m/ 14,370 feet) - The Frozen Lake
  • Day 12:CROSS LAURIBINA PASS (4,610 m / 15,124 feet)and Trek to Ghopte (3,530 m/11,581 feet)
  • Day 13:Trek to Kutumsang (2,470 m/8,103 feet)
  • Day 14:Trek to Chisapani (2,215 m/7,267 feet)
  • Day 15:Trek to Sundarijal (1460 m / 4790 feet) and 45 min Drive to Kathmandu
  • Day 16:Transfer to International Airport.

Langtang Gosaikunda and Helembu Trek Detailed Itinerary

Once you arrive at Kathmandu airport, your group leader will be waiting to receive you and take you to the hotel. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, has a unique charm with its local beauty and vibrant activities. Here, you can unwind and enjoy the excitement of navigating through the busy and thrilling traffic.


  • Reception at the international airport.
  • Accompanied transfer to the hotel by your group leader.
  • The hotel is centrally located in the colorful town of Thamel, a popular tourist hub.
  • A short preliminary briefing will be given.
  • If you arrive early, you will have the opportunity to explore Kathmandu.
  • Altitude: 1,400 m/4,593 feet
  • Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Transport: Airport Pickup

Today, your group leader will introduce you to our expert city tour guide who will accompany you to the most sacred Hindu and Buddhist religious sites, which are recognized as world heritage sites. The guide will provide detailed explanations about the historical and mystical significance of these places.


  • Breakfast will be provided based on your personal preferences.
  • We will meet at 9 a.m. to begin the tour.
  • Our first stops will be the Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath, both of which hold great religious importance.
  • Lunch will be arranged according to your preferences.
  • Later, we will gather for a trek briefing at the time specified by your leader.
  • You will also receive the necessary trek equipment from our company.
  • In the evening, we will enjoy a welcome dinner at a traditional Nepali restaurant, providing an opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with each other.
  • Altitude: (1,400 m/4,593 feet)
  • Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
  • Meals: Breakfast/Welcome Dinner

Embarking on a thrilling journey of 117 km / 72 miles to Syabru Besi in a private vehicle is a truly captivating experience. As we wind through the roads, we are afforded with a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the authentic and rustic way of life that characterizes this region. The scenic drive gradually leads us into the tranquil territory occupied by the Tamang ethnic group, offering breathtaking vistas of the majestic Ganesh Himal.


  • An early wake-up call ensures that we avoid any potential traffic jams, allowing for a smooth 7-8 hour drive.
  • The journey offers breathtaking scenery as we cruise along this narrow and sensational road.
  • Multiple relaxing breaks provide time to stretch and enjoy the surroundings.
  • We pass through the district of Nuwakot and make a lunch stop at the beautiful Trishuli Bazaar.
  • Arriving in Syabru Besi, a small town unlike Kathmandu, will undoubtedly add more excitement to your anticipation.
  • Altitude: 1,460 m/4,790 feet
  • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
  • Walking Hour: 7/8 Hours
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Distance: 120 km / 74 miles
  • Transport: PRIVATE VEHICLE

After enjoying a delightful breakfast, we embark on a captivating trail hike through the enchanting forest of Rhododendron, Bamboo, and oak. Our path gracefully follows the untamed Langtang River, leading us to the base of the Landslide settlement. Continuing our journey, a gentle 45-minute walk brings us to the picturesque village of Bamboo, where we pause for a satisfying lunch.

As we press on, we face a challenging ascent through a woodland adorned with rocky steps. This arduous climb, lasting a couple of hours, eventually leads us to the charming village of Rimche. Just a short additional 20-minute trek brings us to Lama Hotel, a quaint settlement nestled on the banks of the wild Langtang River, embraced by lush green forests.


  • Incredible hike amidst a breathtaking landscape through the forested trail.
  • Delightful walk with an awe-inspiring view of the Langtang River valley.
  • Enjoy a well-deserved lunch break in the idyllic setting of Bamboo.
  • Experience an electrifying walk through the captivating woodland to the Lama Hotel.
  • Enjoy an overnight stay, where despite the basic accommodation, a marvelous dinner and a relaxing atmosphere await.
  • Altitude: 2,410 m/7,906 feet
  • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
  • Walking Hour: 5/6 Hours
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Distance: 10.5 km

Departing from Lama Hotel, we set out on a mesmerizing journey along a woodland trail adorned with vibrant rhododendrons, majestic pine, and graceful maple trees. This enchanting 3 hours gradual uphill trek to the picturesque village of Ghodatabla offered a thrilling experience. It's a delightful experience to walk in the lush forest, encountering a myriad of captivating flora and, if fortunate, catching glimpses of the local wildlife.

Following a satisfying lunch, we gradually ascended beyond the verdant tree line, entering the awe-inspiring alpine region that unfolded before us. Here, we were rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the majestic Langtang Lirung, proudly standing tall at an impressive altitude of 7227 meters.

Continuing our journey along the wider Himalayan trail, we eventually arrived at the resilient village of Langtang, which tragically bore the brunt of the devastating 2015 earthquake, resulting in the loss of numerous innocent lives.

It is important to note that the village of Langtang is currently undergoing a process of restoration in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake. As a result, there may be a change in our planned overnight stay, as we adapt to the ongoing efforts of rebuilding and rejuvenating this resilient community.


  • Incredible hike through a captivating forest setting, immersing ourselves in the wonders of nature.
  • Finding solace and respite from the harsh sun under the soothing shade of the forest canopy.
  • Fabulous lunch at the charming village of Ghodatabla and replenishing our energy for the journey ahead.
  • Venturing into the awe-inspiring alpine region, bidding farewell to the familiar tree line and embracing the thrill of Alpine adventure.
  • Gaining profound insight into the rich tapestry of Tibetan Buddhism, as evidenced by the presence of numerous prayer wheels, colorful prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, sacred Chortens, and intricately adorned prayer walls that grace our path.
    • Altitude: 3,430 m/11,253 fee
    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Walking Hour: 6 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Distance: 11.5 km

    Leaving behind the enchanting village of Langtang, we will start on a captivating journey through the vast expanse of the Himalayan meadow. As we venture forth, the valley unfolds before our eyes, revealing a breathtaking panorama of snow-capped mountains that embrace our surroundings with their majestic presence.

    Today's trek is relatively enchanting, allowing us to enjoy every step along the way. We cross several small streams, gracefully traversing charming bridges that add a touch of excitement to our path. The trail, adorned with scattered boulders, guides us through this rugged terrain, leading us toward our ultimate destination - the awe-inspiring settlement of Kyangjin Gompa.


    • Extraordinary hike through the expansive Himalayan meadow, where the vistas unfolded before us in a truly remarkable fashion.
    • Embracing the thrill of being in the thin air, surrounded by the towering magnificence of the mountains that seem to touch the heavens.
    • Marvelous sight of Langtang Ri (6370 m.), Langtang Lirung (7245 m.), and the neighboring peaks that stand as sentinels of nature's grandeur.
    • The dramatic setting of Kyangjin Gompa, where the spiritual energy of the monastery harmonized with the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape.
    • A leisurely lunch, allowing ourselves to relish the flavors of the region, and enjoy a free afternoon to explore the wonders of this remarkable place.
    • Altitude: 3,830 m/12,565 feet
    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Walking Hour: 4 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Distance: 6.5 km

    As the gentle dawn breaks upon our senses, we eagerly embark on a morning adventure to Kyangjin Ri, a stunning altitude of 4300 meters. As the sun gracefully ascends, painting the sky with vibrant hues, we are greeted by an awe-inspiring panorama of majestic mountains stretching as far as the eye can behold.

    After descending to our lodge, we will enjoy a hearty breakfast before setting out to explore the area. Within its embrace, there is an ancient monastery and a Cheese factory with a rich history dating back to 1955. Founded by the Swiss Association for Technical Assistance (SATA), this factory showcases the art of cheese-making and embodies the spiritual aura of the region.

    We continue our journey with a hike to the Langtang Lirung glacier, an extraordinary marvel of nature that leaves us in sheer wonder at its power and beauty. The opportunity to capture this breathtaking sight on camera gifts us with timeless memories against a majestic backdrop.

    After a satisfying lunch, we have the leisurely afternoon to engage in activities of your interest or simply bask in the tranquility that surrounds us.

    (*Optional: For those seeking an added adventure, a thrilling opportunity awaits to hike to Tsergo Ri, located 5 kilometers away at an elevation of 4984 meters. This exhilarating journey takes approximately 6 to 7 hours and promises unforgettable vistas and a profound sense of accomplishment.)

    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Returning from Kyangjin, we set out on a mesmerizing journey back along the enchanting forest trail, tracing the meandering path of the Langtang River. With each step, we absorb ourselves once again in the captivating beauty of Langtang village and Ghoda Tabela, where the essence of tradition and heritage permeates the air.

    Descending further, we find ourselves embraced by a succession of prayer walls and picturesque Tamang villages, each one offering a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the region. The sights, sounds, and sensations of these communities breathe life into our spirits and deepen our appreciation for the timeless heritage that thrives in this part of the world.

    Finally, after traversing awe-inspiring landscapes and experiencing the vibrant tapestry of cultures, we arrive at Lama Hotel. 

    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Walking Hour: 6/7 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Distance: 18 km

    Following a delightful breakfast, we embark on a captivating journey, descending along a steep trail through lush woodlands that are adorned with the enchanting melody of the Langtang River. As we meander through this picturesque landscape, we are greeted by the breathtaking sight of terraced fields blooming with corn and millet, a testament to the ancient farming traditions of the locals.

    Our adventure takes us to the charming settlement of Thulo Syabru, where we find respite for the night. Here, we will be embraced by the warm hospitality of the villagers and treated to a captivating display of local architecture with intricately carved wooden windows and doors. This beautiful experience offers a glimpse into the rich heritage and cultural traditions that thrive in this enchanting corner of the world.

    • Altitude: 2,210 m/1,250 feet
    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Walking Hour: 6 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Distance: 10 km

    Today's journey is a short walk, deliberately planned to ensure a gradual acclimatization to the high altitude. Our goal is not to reach Gosaikunda today, but rather to allow our bodies to adjust to the increasing altitude in a safe and comfortable manner.

    As we set forth on our trek, we will pass by a chorten, a traditional Buddhist monument, and a checkpoint. Moving southwards from the checkpoint, we will encounter the scenic Garta Village and the serene Phulung Monastery. These cultural landmarks offer glimpses into the rich heritage and spiritual traditions of the region.

    Continuing on our path, we will finally arrive at Shin Gompa, our destination for the night. This peaceful enclave nestled amidst the awe-inspiring Himalayan landscape provides the perfect setting to rest, rejuvenate, and soak in the tranquility of our surroundings.

    • Altitude: 3,330 m/10,925 feet
    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Walking Hour: 5/6 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Distance: 7 km

    Today gifts us with the extraordinary privilege of beholding the majestic grandeur of the Himalayas in all their glory. The panoramic vistas that unfold before us include the awe-inspiring peaks of Annapurna, Hiunchuli, Manaslu, Ganesh, and Langtang. It is a sight that resonates deep within our souls, a visual symphony that leaves us in awe of the sheer magnificence of nature.

    As we follow the meandering path along the ridge, each step brings us closer to a sacred realm. Our hearts flutter with excitement as we catch sight of the first of the holy lakes, their tranquil surface mirroring the ethereal beauty of the surrounding landscape. Yet, it is the third lake, Gosaikunda, that holds a profound significance in the hearts of the Nepalese people. This sacred body of water, nestled at an elevation of 4380 meters, stands as a testament to the deep spiritual and cultural heritage of Nepal.

    The attraction of Gosaikunda lies not only in its pristine beauty but also in its cultural symbolism. It is a place of pilgrimage, revered by hundreds of Hindu devotees who flock to its shores during the sacred Janai Purnima festival in August. Here, amidst the backdrop of panoramic vistas, pilgrims partake in a holy bath, seeking blessings and spiritual purification.

    After entering this sacred space, our eyes are drawn to a large rock, standing resolute at the center of the lake. Legend has it that this rock is the remnants of a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, a divine presence that lends an air of mystery and reverence to the surroundings.

    Holy Gosaikunda is an experience that evokes a deeper understanding of the intertwining of faith and nature, leaving an indelible mark on our souls.

    • Altitude: 4,380 m/ 14,370 feet
    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Walking Hour: 5/6 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Distance: 9 km

    Our journey continues as we gracefully navigate the shore of the picturesque lake, filled with a sense of tranquility and wonder. As we ascend towards the magnificent Laurebina Pass, standing tall at an impressive altitude of 4610 meters, the Helambu region opens before our eyes, beckoning us to explore its hidden treasures.

    The trail, although challenging and rugged at times, is marked by carefully constructed cairns, ensuring that we stay on the right path. Crossing moraines and traversing the pristine landscape, we are enveloped by an enchanting aura that only nature can provide.

    Along the way, we encounter three more serene lakes, each one unveiling a new facet of beauty and serenity. As we reach the majestic pass, we find ourselves in awe of the breathtaking views that stretch before us, allowing us to truly appreciate the magnificence of the surrounding area.

    Continuing our journey, we pass through the enchanting Surya Kunda, a lake that exudes a sense of peace and tranquility. Finally, our path leads us to the welcoming village of Ghopte, where we can rest, rejuvenate, and reflect upon the wonders we have witnessed along our adventurous trail.


    • Embarking on a serene journey along the lake's shore, captivated by its beauty.
    • Ascending towards the majestic Laurebinayak Pass, a testimony to nature's grandeur.
    • Navigating a rugged and well-marked trail, crossing moraines, and experiencing the pristine landscape.
    • Encountering three serene lakes, each one a tranquil sanctuary of beauty.
    • With the breathtaking views from the PASS, we gain a new perspective on the world around us.
    • Passing through the enchanting Surya Kunda, a lake that emanates peace and tranquility.
    • Arriving at Ghopte, a welcoming village where we can find solace and contemplate the wonders of our journey so far.
    • Altitude: 4,610 m / 15,124 feet
    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Walking Hour: 7/8 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Distance: 11 km

    After breakfast, we begin our trek for the day, eagerly setting foot on the path that will lead us to new adventures. Today, our journey takes a delightful turn as we join the captivating trail of Helambu, a route that promises serene beauty and enchanting landscapes.

    As we ramble through the alpine forest, adorned with towering pine and majestic juniper trees, we are greeted by a symphony of nature's wonders. The gentle melody of chirping birds and the fragrance of wildflowers dancing in the air envelop us, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss.

    After a pleasant walk, we reach Tharepati, a charming hamlet nestled amidst the breathtaking surroundings. Here, we pause for a delicious lunch, while our eyes feast upon the awe-inspiring vistas of snow-capped peaks that adorn the Jugal Himalayan range in the east, and the mighty Ganesh-Manaslu peaks in the west. The sheer majesty of these towering giants leaves us in awe of the magnificence of the natural world.

    With renewed energy and spirits, we continue our descent along the trail, guided by the rhythm of our footsteps and the whispers of the wind. The tranquil atmosphere and the serene beauty enveloping us cast a spell of tranquility and inner peace.

    Finally, our adventure for the day comes to a gentle close as we arrive at Kutumsang. This quaint village, with its traditional charm and warm hospitality, is the perfect place to spend a night.


    • Engaging ourselves in the enchanting alpine forest, a sanctuary of peace and beauty.
    • Fabulous lunch while being awe-struck by the panoramic views of snow-capped peaks.
    • Witnessing the mighty Jugal Himalayan range in the east and the majestic Ganesh-Manaslu peaks in the west.
    • Allowing the peaceful trail to guide us in a gentle descent towards Kutumsang, where traditional charm and warm hospitality await our arrival.
    • Altitude: 2,470 m/8,103 feet
    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Walking Hour: 7/8 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Distance: 15 km

    The trek from Kutumsang to Chisapani offers a delightful experience as you gradually descend. Enjoy a comfortable five-hour walk that leads you to the charming town of Chisapani, adorned with breathtaking natural beauty.

    As the evening unfolds, indulge in a night of merriment and joy. Engage in lively dancing, eat delicious food and drinks, and partake in the tradition of tipping, creating lasting memories on your final night of the trek.

    • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
    • Walking Hour: 7/8 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    • Distance: 16 km

    Following a delightful breakfast, we start our trek through tranquil forests and picturesque farmlands, gradually ascending to the magnificent ridge of Burlang and Chepu Bhanjyang, standing proudly at an elevation of 2,438m. From this vantage point, we are treated to breathtaking views of the Kathmandu Valley, a sight to behold.

    Continuing our journey, the trail gracefully descends towards Sundarijal, a place adorned with serene forests, abundant wildlife, and refreshing streams. This charming location serves as a beloved picnic spot for the residents of Kathmandu, offering a much-needed escape from the bustling city life. After spending some time in this idyllic setting, we descend before driving back to Kathmandu, where we will spend the night at a comfortable hotel.

    • Altitude: 1460 m / 4790 feet
    • Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
    • Walking Hour: 4 Hours
    • Meals: Breakfast Lunch
    • Distance: 10 km
    • Transport: PRIVATE VEHICLE

    Airport transportation will be arranged based on your flight schedule, taking into account that you should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to your departure time. Rest assured, transportation will be provided accordingly, and your knowledgeable leader will be present to offer assistance and support during this process.

    • Meals: Breakfast
    • Transport: Airport Transfer
    What's Included
    • PERMITS: All Essential permits required to trek in the region.
    • PICKUP AND DROPS: Airport pickup and drop facilities on both Domestic and International flights are included.
    • ACCOMMODATION: Three-star twin bed sharing hotel Accommodation in KATHMANDU on a Bed / Breakfast basis.
    • WELCOME DINNER: Welcome dinner in a typical traditional Nepali restaurant.
    • SIGHTSEEING: Half-day guided city sightseeing to two most sacred World Heritage Sites with a paid entrance fee.
    • TAXES: All Government and Local tax.
    • GROUND TRANSPORTATION: All Ground transportation to and from the preferred destination as per the itinerary – PRIVATE VEHICLE.
    • STAFF TRANSPORTATION: All ground transportation for all staff as required.
    • EQUIPMENT: Fundamental trekking gear like a sleeping bag with fleece liners, Primaloft jacket, Rain Poncho, Yak-Track, Trekking Poles, etc.
    • LODGING: Local Tea-house accommodation on a twin-sharing basis – A single supplement is provided on request OVER MINIMAL COST, however, depends solely on the availability.
    • DRINKING WATER: Properly boiled hot water for drinking is provided every evening and morning – so it’s wise to have bottles equivalent to 3 liters or bottles along with a Rehydration Bag (camel bag).
    • GLORIOUS FOOD: All Meals (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast with hot beverages) during the trek.
    • TREK LEADER: An accomplished Trekking Group Leader (Legitimate Guiding License Holder) and assistant guide.
    • STAFF INSURANCE & ALLOWANCES: All Ground Staff and their Allowances + their insurance.
    • SAFETY CONCERNS: An all-inclusive comprehensive medical kit on all trips.
    • COMPLIMENTARY TAKE AWAY: Take away the Nepal Pyramids duffel bag, T-shirt, Buff (multi-functional head-wear), and trekking Map.
    What's Excluded
    • NEPAL VISA: A fee of $50 that is levied on a 30-day Nepali visa.
    • INTERNATIONAL AIRFARE: The cost of all international flights.
    • PERSONAL EXPENSES: All personal expenses that may include Nepalese SIM card, internet, battery charging, hot shower, laundry, fizzy drinks, Alcohol, etc.
    • EMERGENCY: A medical examination of any kind, High Altitude Evacuation over any circumstances, Air Evacuation and Rescues.
    • DONATIONS: Donations of any kind.
    • STAFF TIPPING: Tipping is entirely a personal matter, however, it’s a trekking culture.
    • EXTRA NIGHTS: Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu on early arrival or Late departure.
    • SANCTIONS: Permits or the letter of Authorization that is required for special Filming, big Drones, and Filming Cameras.
    • INSURANCE: All-inclusive Travel or medical insurance is a must.
    • EXTRA PORTER: Over request Extra Porter or Assistant is provided that may include the cost of $25 per day.
    • OPTIONAL TOURS: Optional tours and sightseeing or any activities during free time.

    Langtang Gosaikunda and Helembu Trek FAQs

    • The tea houses on this trip may not be as luxurious as those in Everest or Annapurna, as they are essentially extensions of people's homes that have adapted to accommodate tourists. However, despite their basic nature, Nepal Pyramids has been using these family-oriented lodges for years and ensures that they provide a comfortable experience with a homestay atmosphere. These local tea houses offer twin bed-sharing rooms and clean communal toilets.

      The food prepared in their traditional kitchens is organic and incredibly tasty. In terms of meals and accommodation, Nepal Pyramids guarantees complete satisfaction with the local tea houses.

    • This legendary classical trip to Langtang Gosaikunda is challenging in terms of difficulty level that takes you to the land of the peace-loving Tamang people and is simply sensational. It’s challenging due to the undulating trail and altitude variation that takes you to the alpine terrain setting above 4000 m.

      Anybody of any age group can join as our itineraries are intended to make the trip more pleasing than exhausting nonetheless, we recommend pre-physical training that will definitely add to your benefit and your doctors’ consent (mandatory) in regards to any personal ailments, weak ankle/knee, blood pressure, heart/lungs problem, etc.

    • To ensure a hassle-free and comfortable experience, Nepal Pyramids offers private transportation to take you to the starting point of your chosen Langtang destination. Likewise, pick-up arrangements will be made according to the itinerary, also in a private vehicle.

      However, please note that providing luxury vehicles may not be feasible due to the prevailing road conditions in the Langtang region, particularly during the monsoon season. Rest assured, we will provide the most suitable transportation option based on the prevailing season. Additionally, we typically start our journeys early to avoid any potential traffic along the way.

    • As trekking in Nepal entails significant amounts of undulating walks and changes in altitude, we highly recommend engaging in pre-physical training before your arrival. It is essential to obtain your doctor's consent (mandatory) regarding any personal ailments, weak ankles/knees, blood pressure, heart/lung issues, and so on. However, previous extensive trekking experience is not required.

      As part of your training, it is beneficial to engage in everyday undulating walks, running, or cardio exercises while carrying a certain amount of weight. If possible, we highly recommend incorporating walking up and down stairs into your training routine. This will help prepare you physically for the trekking adventure ahead.

    • When you choose Nepal Pyramids as your trekking partner, you are empowered with the freedom to tailor the itinerary to your specific needs. We understand that time constraints and varying fitness levels within a group can greatly impact the trekking experience.

      That's why we offer you the flexibility to modify the itinerary, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your preferred timeframe and the fitness level of your group. This personalized approach allows you to embark on a trekking adventure that is both enjoyable and accommodating to your unique requirements.

    • Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is a physiological response that occurs when our bodies are exposed to lower levels of oxygen at higher altitudes. This mountain ailment can be potentially life-threatening, and its occurrence is difficult to predict, regardless of age or physical fitness. However, with Nepal Pyramids, you can rest assured knowing that our team of professional leaders is equipped with the necessary medications and oxygen cylinders to effectively manage AMS.

      Additionally, we have ample preventive strategies in place to address any mountain sickness concerns. It's important to note that while AMS is a significant concern, other common mountain ailments such as food poisoning, severe diarrhea, and stomach problems can also be quite distressing.

    • In addition to the popular spring and autumn seasons in Nepal, Langtang remains accessible even during the winter months from December to February.

      Due to the effects of climate change, the Langtang Gosaikunda region experiences a significant decrease in snowfall during the winter season. As a result, trekkers now have the opportunity to undertake winter treks in this area.

      Despite the reduced snowfall, the temperatures can still be quite cold, requiring trekkers to have appropriate winter gear and clothing to stay warm and comfortable throughout their journey. By being adequately prepared, trekkers can still enjoy the beauty of the Langtang Gosaikunda region during the winter months while ensuring their safety and comfort in the face of the remaining cold weather conditions.

      However, it's important to note that despite the lower number of visitors and the potential for breathtakingly clear views, the cold can reach extreme levels. During this time, some lodges may be closed, and there may be limited options available on the food menu. 

    • At Nepal Pyramids, we prioritize environmental conservation, and as such, we strongly discourage the use of disposable plastic bottles during our trips to the Nepal Himalayas. To ensure your hydration needs are met without contributing to plastic waste, our dedicated staff will provide you with boiled water every morning and evening at no extra cost.

      We recommend bringing at least two metal or plastic Nalgene bottles to store this water. In the event that you run out of the supplied water, you have the option to purchase boiled and filtered water from the tea houses along the trekking route at minimal charges. By adopting these practices, we can collectively contribute to preserving the natural beauty of the Himalayas and minimizing our environmental impact.

    • During the winter season, all lodges prioritize the comfort of their guests by providing hot chimney stoves in the dining halls for heating purposes. These stoves are fueled by wood, and as we ascend to higher altitudes, yak dung is often used as an alternative fuel source.

      Typically, the lodges start lighting the chimney stoves around 5 p.m., creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for trekkers to relax and enjoy their meals. However, it's important to note that if you require the chimney to be lit earlier than the usual time, there may be additional charges.

      While the dining hall is heated, the individual rooms do not have a heating system. To keep warm during the night, guests are advised to rely on hot water bottles that are filled by our staff. By utilizing these heating arrangements, trekkers can stay comfortable and cozy despite the cold temperatures of the winter season.

    • Please note that not all settlements along the Langtang Gosaikunda Lake trek offer charging facilities. It is advisable to carry extra batteries or fully charged power bank batteries to ensure you can charge your devices. The cold weather tends to drain batteries quickly, so being prepared is essential.

      Additionally, most tea houses offer basic hot shower facilities at a nominal cost, which may include options such as solar showers, gas showers, or bucket showers. While some lodges provide Wi-Fi services for free, it is important to note that the reliability of the connection may vary and cannot be guaranteed at all times. But many places don't have these privileges. 

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    Why Choose Nepal Pyramids?

    Nepal Pyramids is here to craft your Nepal dreams into reality. We assure you a trip extraordinarily out of the world with quality service and value for money. We propose comprehensive flexible packages with unbeatable price - without any hidden cost.

    • Team of Local Experts
      Team of Local Experts

      Our team of local experts is the driving force behind our success. With their passion, experience, and commitment, our team of local experts ensures that we all are not just participants but integral contributors to the growth and well-being of the community we serve.

    • Safety is our Prior Concern
      Safety is our Prior Concern

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    • Travel Sustainably
      Travel Sustainably

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    • Hassle Free
      Hassle Free

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