Trekking in Nepal Only For Nepalis

Nepal Pyramids Trekking & Climbing

Embarking on a trekking adventure in Nepal exclusively designed for Nepali locals is a remarkable opportunity to promote local tourism and uplift the local economy. It serves as a reminder to our own people of the charm and beauty that our beloved country holds within its borders. Discover the highest lake on the planet, Tilicho, nestled at a breathtaking altitude of 4800 meters. Witness the magnificence of the World's deepest gorges, the Kali Gandaki, which plunge to depths exceeding 6000 meters. Explore the wonders of the Arun Valley, the highest valley on Earth, and be yourself in the vastness of the world's tallest grassland in Chitwan.

As we venture into these treks and tours, we not only proudly support OUR communities but also contribute to the preservation of our natural and cultural heritage. Together, let US celebrate the wonders of OUR OWN COUNTRY and create lasting memories that will forever remind us of the incredible treasures that lie within OUR own backyard.

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