4 Annapurna Viewpoint Trek

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4 Annapurna Viewpoint Trek
At a Glance
  • Duration14 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Places to Visit Annapurna Region
  • Max Altitude 3,600m/11,811ft.
  • Group Size 2-15
  • Starts Ghandruk
  • Ends Ulleri
  • Activity Teahouse Lodge Trek
  • Best Season Spring/Autumn/Winter

The 4 Annapurna Viewpoint Trek Overview

The 4 Annapurna Viewpoint Trek takes you to the outstanding vantage points of Annapurna namely:

  • Muldai View Point (3637 m / 11,932 feet),
  • Khopra Ridge or Khopra Danda. (3,600 m/11,811 feet)
  • Poon-Hill (3200 m / 10,498 feet), and
  • Mohare Danda (3,200 m/ 10, 498 feet).

The 4 Annapurna Viewpoint Trek is a popular viewpoint trekking route in the Annapurna region. Lately, this Viewpoints trek has been gaining attention and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular Annapurna trekking routes. Its unique combination of breathtaking scenery, varied terrain, and theatrical routes has attracted a wide range of adventurers.

The Viewpoints trek also offers a chance to connect with nature and take in some of the local cultures. The trip also affords several unique flora and fauna experiences.

The 4 Annapurna Viewpoint Trek is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of nature and discover a unique part of the country. With its varied terrain and activities, the trek is sure to keep even the most experienced adventurer entertained.

The Highlights of the 4 Annapurna Viewpoint Trek:

1. Muldai Viewpoint (3637 m / 11,932 ft):

We set out on our journey from Pokhara, heading for the fascinating village of Ghandruk. The drive is an adventure in itself, with beautiful scenery of the mountains and lush vegetation. We will arrive in Ghandruk and continue our journey on foot, making our way to Tadapani. From Tadapani, we make our way to Dobato into the untouched valley of Annapurna. We will be soon greeted by the untouched beauty of the valley

The next morning, we wake up early in the morning and hike up to Muldai viewpoint, to catch the sunrise and the mesmerizing panorama mountain view. The sunrise and the view of the mountains from the viewpoint are absolutely stunning.

Muldai View Point is one of the most breathtaking viewpoints, offering unparalleled views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. Located at an altitude of 3,637 meters, the viewpoint provides an unforgettable view of the snow-capped peaks at sunrise and sunset.

The trail to Muldai View Point is an adventure on its own. It leads travelers through lush rhododendron forests and an untouched trail that offers a sense of serenity. It's easy to see why Muldai View Point is such a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers alike.

2. Khopra Ridge OR Khopra Viewpoint (3,600 meters / 11,811 feet)

After Muldai we walk further to the small isolated settlement of Chistibung and stay overnight. The next morning we hike up to the most significant ridge, the Khopra Ridge. Khopra Ridge, also known as Khopra Danda, is a tranquil alternative to the popular Annapurna Base Camp trek. The ridge provides stunning views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South, Nilgiri, and other surrounding peaks.

The climb to Khopra Ridge is a moderate climb through the very untouched Himalayan meadow. As you make progress, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of the Annapurna mountain range in all directions. From here, you can watch the sunrise or sunset over the horizon and take in the surrounding mountain scenery.

Since it is a less trodden area you can find the Himalayan peacefulness with ease. Khopra Ridge is a great option for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Annapurna Base Camp trek. It offers a unique and peaceful experience for those who are looking to explore the beauty of the Annapurna mountain range.

However, the accommodation at Khopra is a limited community lodge and the probability of rooms may not be always available.

3. Poon Hill Viewpoint (3200 m / 10,498 feet):

Poon Hill is an iconic viewpoint in this 4 Annapurna Viewpoint Trek. It stands at an elevation of 3,210 meters and offers spectacular views of the entire Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna South, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) are all visible from Poon Hill.

However, the most famous sight is the stunning sunrise view. Every morning, trekkers from all over the world come to Poon Hill to witness the breathtaking beauty of the sun coming up from behind the mountains. The experience is truly magical and something that must be seen by every trekker who visits the Annapurna region.

4. Mohare Danda Viewpoint (3,300 m/ 10, 826 ft) - One among the best served at last.

Mohare Danda is a relatively new and less crowded viewpoint in the Annapurna region, situated at an elevation of approximately 3,300 meters. It offers spectacular views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, with the soaring snow-capped mountains stretching out into the distance.

The trek to Mohare Danda takes you through picturesque landscapes, untouched valleys, and lush forests, providing an incredible natural backdrop to the journey. The trail is also lined with a variety of flora and fauna, making the trek even more enjoyable. Once you reach the top of Mohare Danda, the views are simply stunning.

You can see the entire Annapurna range, as well as the majestic Dhaulagiri range. The beauty and stillness of the place make it a perfect spot to take in the majestic beauty of the Himalayas. Mohare Danda is an ideal place to go for those looking to experience the beauty of the Annapurna region without crowds.

However, the accommodation at Mohare Danda is a limited community lodge and the probability of rooms may not be always available.

Overall, the 4 Annapurna Viewpoints Trek is a wonderful adventure that allows you to witness the majestic beauty of the Annapurna region from multiple stunning vantage points. Each viewpoint offers unique perspectives and unforgettable experiences for trekkers seeking natural beauty and mountain vistas.

The Beautiful City of Pokhara:

Eventually, we will get back to the beautiful city of Pokhara. Pokhara, often referred to as the "lake city," is a picturesque destination. Known for its stunning natural beauty, Pokhara is blessed with an abundance of sparkling lakes, including the famous Fewa Lake, which serves as the centerpiece of the city.

The tranquil waters of the lake, surrounded by lush green hills and snow-capped peaks, create a serene and enchanting atmosphere. Pokhara is a popular gateway for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, offering easy access to the varied Annapurna destinations.

Besides its natural splendor, the city also boasts a vibrant cultural scene, with colorful festivals, traditional music, and dance performances that showcase the rich heritage of the region. With its breathtaking scenery and a multitude of outdoor activities, Pokhara truly captivates the hearts of visitors from around the world.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Arrive at Kathmandu airport (1,400m / 4,593 feet) and transfer to Hotel
  • Day 02:Drive to Pokhara (820 m / 2,690 feet) - The most beautiful Lake City.
  • Day 03:Drive to Kimche and Trek to Ghandruk (1940m / 6,364 feet)
  • Day 04:Trek to Tadapani (2,630m / 8,628 feet)
  • Day 05:Trek to Dobato (3,426m / 11,240 feet)
  • Day 06:Hike to Muldai view point (3,637 m / 11,932 feet) and Trek to Chistibung (2,950m / 9,678feet)
  • Day 07:Trek Kopra Ridge (3,600m / 11,811 feet)
  • Day 08:Trek to Swanta (2,214m / 7263 feet)
  • Day 09:Trek to Ghorepani (2,860m / 9,383feet)
  • Day 10:Excursion to Poon Hill (3200 m / 10,498 feet) and trek to Mohare Danda (3,300 m/ 10, 826 feet)
  • Day 11:Trek to Ulleri and Drive to Pokhara
  • Day 12:Free Day in Pokhara
  • Day 13:Fly back to Kathmandu
  • Day 14:Departure - Transfer to Kathmandu international airport.

4 Annapurna Viewpoint Trek Detailed Itinerary

After the plane lands at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, you take in the city's hectic energy as you walk through the narrow terminal and head to the arrival area. Lined up along the curb are drivers holding signs and jostling for passengers. You spot your name, grab your luggage, and make your way out. Your Trek Leader or our office representative greets you at 1,400 meters above sea level.

Shortly you will be bouncing along the bustling streets, motorbikes loaded with entire families, sacred cows meandering along, and vendors pushing carts through the traffic. The van weaves through narrow alleys and brings you into Thamel, the popular town - a colorful tourist hub. The sights, sounds, and smells of spice shops, incense burning, and roasted meats barrage your senses. Finally, the van stops outside a narrow lane leading you to your beautiful Hotel.

Soon your trek leader will deliver you the trek briefing mentioning all the vital points and what to expect and thereafter he will lead you to a Local Restaurant for a Welcome Dinner.

  • Altitude: 1,400m / 4,593 feet
  • Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
  • Meals: Welcome Dinner
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Transport: Airport Pickup

Despite the long journey ahead, excitement fills the van as we depart Kathmandu earliest in the morning. We leave early to skip the traffic as the highway that connects Kathmandu and Pokhara is under construction. The morning sun casts a colorful glow over vibrant green terraced farms and distant snow-capped peaks.

Laughter and animated conversation make the miles pass smoothly. We sing along to Nepali folk songs on the radio or gaze thoughtfully out the window, soaking in dramatic mountain vistas. Every winding curve reveals a new breathtaking panorama. We stop halfway at the highway restaurant with the river view for lunch.

Further driving through the traffic and bumpy under-construction roadway we eventually get to the beautiful city of Pokhara. As you drive towards your hotel the Vibrant hills, the Holy Fishtail, the Annapurna range, and the picturesque Fewa Lake greet you. This 200-kilometer and 8-hour journey flies by delightfully. We arrive at our hotel exhilarated and ready for adventure. The evening stroll around the lively Lake Side is worth it. 

  • Altitude: 820 m / 2,690 fee
  • Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
  • Walking Hour: 7/8 Hours
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Distance: 200 km
  • Transport: PRIVATE VEHICLE

Leaving the beautiful city of Pokhara our vehicle heads up the ridge through a winding roadway into the vibrant green terraced farms. This scenic drive heads deep into the Annapurna foothills providing jaw-dropping vistas with every turn. As the road takes us higher off the valley floor, the already magnificent views become increasingly dramatic. Mighty snow-capped Himalayan giants loom closer - the view includes The Annapurna Range, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, the mighty Fishtail, Lamjung Himal, and many more.

The crystal blue sky contrasting sharply against the icy white peaks is magical. After passing through countless terraced villages and descending the winding road, we pull up at Birethanti where we will stop to check our permits. We will drive further and finally get to the cultural village of Kimche.  Though we can drive as far as Ghandruk itself, we will hike our first day to condition our muscles for mountain terrain. 

Shortly we will reach the lively bazaar of Ghandruk - the largest Gurung hill village. We will have our lunch and shortly we will head out to explore the Ghandruk village including the Old Ancient Ghandruk village.

  • Altitude: 1940m / 6,364 feet
  • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
  • Walking Hour: 2 Hours
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Transport: PRIVATE VEHICLE

We bid farewell to the lively Gurung hill village of Ghandruk. As we walk the last section of the village we gradually enter into the thick forests. Today’s trek through the lush forest leads us to a tiny settlement called Tadapani, which translates to “Far Water” - an apt name for a village that feels worlds away, nestled deep in the Annapurna forest. Tadapani is only 7.5 km from Ghandruk.

The morning’s hike is along rolling trails that wind gently up and down through the shaded refuge of maple, oak, and rhododendron forests. Without the sun beating down, today’s walk provides a pleasant relief from sweat and exhaustion. We continue on through the sea of Rhododendron woodland, catching glimpses of snow-capped giants piercing the sky through massive trees. By mid-afternoon, we arrive at Tadapani, a small settlement with few teahouses, our cozy abode for the night.

Tadapani’s isolation makes staying here an experience unto itself. The sunset view is phenomenal. As the stars begin to glitter across the darkening sky, we make our way to the teahouse porches. Set before us is one of the most breathtaking Himalayan vistas of - Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, and the holy Fishtail (Machapuchare). All these majestic peaks stand regal and bold against the fading light. Enjoy the cozy dining hall with a lit chimney, hot drinks, and WiFi. 

  • Altitude: 2,630m / 8,628 feet
  • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
  • Walking Hour: 4/5 Hours
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Distance: 7.5 km

The sunrise views over the mighty Himalayan peaks from Tadapani are simply stunning. As the first light peeks over the mountains, Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, and the iconic Machapuchare glow golden red. This morning your breakfast will be set outside in the open as Alfresco where you will enjoy this dramatic panorama over fabulous breakfast.

Shortly after breakfast, we set off along forested trails so magical they have been nicknamed the “Lord of the Rings Trail.” Towering Rhododendrons, oak, and maple trees create a beautiful shelter overhead against the sun.

Gradually ascending through mossy woods, we arrive at the tiny villages of Meshar. We will further walk to Isharu where we will stop for a refreshing cup of tea before ordering for a traditional hearty Nepali Lunch. After lunch under the warm sun, we relax our muscles before continuing the peaceful forest walk.

In the afternoon, we walk the gorgeous trails with cliff and stream valley trails. We eventually reach little Dobato, an isolated area with just two small teahouses tucked among the rolling foothills. After checking into our cozy accommodation, we eagerly await another incredible Himalayan sunset.

  • Altitude: 3,426m / 11,240 feet
  • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
  • Walking Hour: 5 Hours
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Distance: 7.9 km

We rise early in the morning and hike up to the Muldai viewpoint to catch the unbelievable sunrise. As the first light hits the mighty Himalayan peaks, we will be rewarded with 360-degree views of Annapurna, Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri, and the iconic Machapuchare (Fishtail) mountain. We will also have the opportunity to have a great view of Kali Gandaki Gorge, the world’s deepest river valley.

After the sunrise, we get back to the teahouse for breakfast. After an awesome breakfast, we bid farewell to Dobato and head out to our next destination, Chistibung. We walk along a mountain ridge trail to Baili with signs pointing us to the “Hidden Lake”. This off-the-beaten-track to the Hidden Lake is becoming more popular lately as the Annapurna South Base Camp trek. The trail delivers a magical genuine trekking experience.

We then descend into a dense forest filled with Pine, Rhododendrons, and Oak trees. Epic views of the surrounding landscapes and valleys greet us as we walk this exceptional forested trail. After crossing a footbridge, a final short up-and-down trail leads us to the settlement of Chistibung, our stop for the night.

  • Altitude: 3,637 m / 11,932 feet
  • Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
  • Walking Hour: 4 Hours
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Distance: 12.9 km Altogether
  • Walking Hour: 3 Hours
  • Walking Hour: 5/6 Hours
  • Walking Hour: 4 Hours
  • Walking Hour: 4 Hours
  • Walking Hour: 4 Hours
        What's Included
        • PERMITS: All Essential permits required to legally trek in the region are procured before arrival.
        • PICKUP AND DROPS: Roundtrip airport pickup and drop-off facilities for both domestic and international flights are included.
        • ACCOMMODATION: Twin-sharing hotel accommodation in both KATHMANDU and POKHARA at three-star hotels on a bed-and-breakfast basis.
        • WELCOME DINNER: A traditional Nepali-style welcome dinner at a local restaurant in Kathmandu.
        • SIGHTSEEING: A half-day guided sightseeing tour of Kathmandu’s two most sacred UNESCO World Heritage sites with entrance fees included.
        • TAXES: All applicable local and national government taxes are covered.
        • GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Roundtrip PRIVATE VEHICLE ground transportation between destinations as per the itinerary.
        • STAFF TRANSPORTATION: All ground transportation for assistant guide, porter, and other trek staff as required.
        • DOMESTIC FLIGHTS: One-way domestic flight from POKHARA to KATHMANDU at the end of the trek.
        • EQUIPMENT: Fundamental trekking gear like a sleeping bag with fleece liners, Primaloft jacket, Rain Poncho, Yak-Track, Trekking Poles, etc. are provided.
        • LODGING: Local Tea-house accommodation on a twin-sharing basis – A single supplement is provided on request OVER MINIMAL COST, however, depends solely on the availability.
        • DRINKING WATER: Properly filtered and boiled water for drinking is provided each morning and evening. Trekkers are advised to carry reusable water bottles/bladder bags that can hold at least 3 liters.
        • GLORIOUS FOOD: All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with hot beverages are provided throughout the trek duration.
        • TREK LEADER AND ASSISTANT GUIDE: An experienced trek leader holding legitimate licensing leads the group, along with assistant guides based on group size. Groups of 3 or more are typically assigned at least 1 assistant guide.
        • PORTERS: The porter to trekker ratio is 1:2 - meaning 1 porter for every 2 trekkers. However, for groups larger than 4 trekkers, an additional porter is provided specifically to assist with hot water supply during the trek.
        • STAFF INSURANCE & ALLOWANCES: Insurance coverage, wages, and allowances for all trek staff are included.
        • SAFETY CONCERNS: Emergency equipment including oxygen cylinders and a comprehensive medical kit is available at all times during the trek.
        • COMPLIMENTARY TAKE AWAY: Trekkers receive a duffel bag, t-shirt, multi-functional headwear, baseball hat, trekking map, and completion certificate to take home.
        What's Excluded
        • NEPAL VISA: A fee of $50 that is levied on a 30-day Nepali visa.
        • INTERNATIONAL AIRFARE: The cost of all international flights.
        • PERSONAL EXPENSES: All personal expenses that may include Nepalese SIM card, internet, battery charging, hot shower, laundry, fizzy drinks, Alcohol, etc.
        • EMERGENCY: A medical examination of any kind, High Altitude Evacuation over any circumstances, Air Evacuation and Rescues.
        • DONATIONS: Donations of any kind.
        • STAFF TIPPING: Tipping is entirely a personal matter, however, it’s a trekking culture.
        • EXTRA NIGHTS: Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu on early arrival or Late departure.
        • SANCTIONS: Permits or the letter of Authorization that is required for special Filming, big Drones, and Filming Cameras.
        • INSURANCE: All-inclusive Travel or medical insurance is a must.
        • EXTRA PORTER: Over request Extra Porter or Assistant is provided that may include the cost of $25 per day.
        • OPTIONAL TOURS: Optional tours and sightseeing or any activities during free time.
        Why Choose Nepal Pyramids?

        Nepal Pyramids is here to craft your Nepal dreams into reality. We assure you a trip extraordinarily out of the world with quality service and value for money. We propose comprehensive flexible packages with unbeatable price - without any hidden cost.

        • Team of Local Experts
          Team of Local Experts

          Our team of local experts is the driving force behind our success. With their passion, experience, and commitment, our team of local experts ensures that we all are not just participants but integral contributors to the growth and well-being of the community we serve.

        • Safety is our Prior Concern
          Safety is our Prior Concern

          Safety is our foremost concern at our Travel company. We prioritize the well-being of our adventurers above all else. We provide top-notch equipment and conduct rigorous safety checks to ensure every trek is as secure as it is adventurous.

        • Travel Sustainably
          Travel Sustainably

          Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We ensure that the beauty and integrity of the destinations we explore are preserved. We believe in responsible tourism that contributes positively to the environment and the livelihoods of the local people.

        • Hassle Free
          Hassle Free

          Nepal Pyramids takes pride in making your journey hassle-free from start to finish. With our efficient services, expert Group Leading, and attention to detail, you can leave the hassles behind and focus on creating lasting memories during your travels.

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