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  • Last Updated on Dec 14, 2023

The existence of the name "Nepal Pyramids": - when the thought of opening our own company originated we came up with abundant names. We laid before us infinite different names, some very hilarious which indeed was really fun. However, most of these names directly or indirectly coincided with one or the other names that exist in the sphere of the Nepal Travel Agency. Providentially, for some reason, maybe subconsciously the word ‘Pyramid’ literally triggered and that gave away the perception of Nepal Pyramids. PYRAMIDS signifies all the soaring vibrant hills and majestic snow-clad peaks that we have in our country, Nepal.

Administered by a team of trekking professionals, Nepal Pyramids is a registered and legitimate local Trekking Company. We are based in central Kathmandu, traditionally known as the 'city of temples' and the capital city of Nepal. Nepal Pyramids is here to craft your dream into reality with exceptional service, competitive prices, and most significantly our reliability. We give you the experience of a lifetime with enhanced excitement. We deliver you an extraordinary trip amid remarkable dwellings. Join us and witness beyond belief Shangri-La like Nepal.

We apprehend the fact about how challenging it is for anyone to pick one among the unreasonable amount of trekking companies that exist in our country.  Nevertheless, we are here, so resolute to transform the fashion of age-old trekking culture by making each of our trips more adventurous. Furthermore, we are incomparable and we stand out from the rest with our trustworthiness and diverse perspective.

Significantly, it is value for money without any hidden costs.

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Local Pride, Quality Inside

As a local company, we aspire to put up our own distinguished hallmark. To stand out differently, we aren't hesitant to compete in the global market with international standard service. We provide fundamental trekking equipment like a sleeping bag, fleece liner, warm-down jackets, and duffel bags making your holiday exclusively hassle-free.

Since we are a responsible company we fully understand and respect the principles of responsible tourism. As a responsible local company, we always give our utmost to minimize the negative social and environmental impacts.

Welcome to the once-forbidden land, the Himalayan realm of Nepal, and experience the time-honored history and legends which are immensely phenomenal. You call it the Light of Asia, the birthplace of Buddha, the land of Brave Gorkhas, the country of temples, or the country of the world’s highest peak (Everest), Nepal has always been an exceptional home for travelers globally. Nepal still has so much to offer in terms of diversity that still flourishes in great harmony. This harmony prospers even in the midst of modernization and the tragic 8.2 scale earthquake that hit Nepal on the 25th of April, 2015.

Since we believe in the right to travel, Nepal Pyramids is here to craft your dream into reality assuring you a trip extraordinarily out of the world with quality service value for money, comprehensive flexible packages with unbeatable price - without any hidden cost, hassle-free vacation with closer outlook to local culture, ancient hidden valleys and imperial hills and mountains.

Toss aside your guidebooks and do as the Nepalese do, try the local delicacies, and connect with people. Learn new things allow yourself to go with the flow and see where it takes you. Stop worrying and get ready to say yes to do things that you have not planned or prepared for. Offer yourself an opportunity to get lost where locals live and hang out.

Ultimate holiday!!! Guaranteed…

Nepal Pyramids Trek Leaders:

It's been truly said that any trip can be made or broken by the quality of the Leader or Guides. In this regard, we give you the best of our local leaders who are proficient in delivering their responsibility with utmost care and concern. Their professionalism, dedication, and their knowledge of the local environment are evident from all the excellent feedback from our previous clients. They are fun with all their local secrets.

They have undergone extensive training in the field of First Aid, Emergency situations, and Medication. Our Leaders are very well with the knowledge about dealing with any mountain ailments, hazards, or life-threatening situations. Furthermore, they are equipped with Oxygen cylinders, medications, and an Oxygen Chamber Bag for just-in-case circumstances. Additionally, all our Assistant Guides go through basic medical training that includes – mountain ailments, operating oxygen cylinders / Oxygen chamber bags, and dealing with emergency situations.

Responsible Tourism:

Responsible tourism is not about staying in five-star Eco-friendly hotels or eating organic food in super expensive restaurants. It’s more about engaging yourself in a dignified way to construct a better place to visit. We believe in being different.  We very much take pride in our environmental legacies and we are resolute to buffet them.  However, we open up our excitement without limiting our exploration but in a more responsible way.

We consider responsible tourism to be something very simple and comprehensible. It's all about supporting local people, respecting their culture, and being easy on their native soil and their beliefs. It’s all about personal understanding, learning, and experiencing - which undoubtedly is more than just mere looking.

Nepal Pyramids is devoted to inventing a system of tourism that is environmentally friendly and has constructive impacts on our fragility. On each of our trips, visitors are endowed with an opportunity to make a significant connection with the local people. Furthermore, we present them to recognize their cultural, social, and environmental issues. Significantly, for the welfare of the porters we provide essential equipment as per the status of the trip. We give our best to educate their kids who are in real need of aid. These are the kids who are being deprived of education rights due to financial difficulties.

Sunil Gurung

Sunil Gurung

An Adventurer who founded Nepal Pyramids to showcase the enchanting wonders of Nepal. A writer moved to share the wonders, wisdom, and warmth discovered in the mountain communities of this magical country.

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