History and Legends

Nepal, with its stunning Himalayan landscapes, has a rich trekking history intertwined with legends and cultural significance. The roots of trekking in Nepal can be traced back to the early 20th century when the country opened its doors to the world. One of the most famous trekkers of this era was Maurice Herzog, whose 1950 expedition in the Annapurna region marked the beginning of Nepal's trekking legacy.

Nepal's trekking trails are not only about adventure but also covered in legend and mythology. One of the most iconic legends associated with Nepal's treks is the legend of the Yeti, a mysterious, ape-like creature believed to roam the Himalayan wilderness. 

The rich religious history of Nepal also adds to the glamour of trekking. The spiritual legends and beliefs that intertwine with these landscapes create a unique and profound connection between the trekkers and the land.