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Herein we provide you with an Upper Mustang Detail Itinerary. Mustang, the lost Tibetan Kingdom is one of the most astonishing valleys hidden behind the soaring snowy range of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. This ancient kingdom of Mustang which was open to the outside world only in 1992 is still untouched with civilization and has managed to retain its culture intact and without doubt, its people have accomplished to preserve this magnificent trans-Himalayan kingdom. A journey to Mustang is a journey of remarkable contrasts with vast and barren Tibetan landscapes, century-old cliff-hanging monasteries, cultured settlements with lush rice fields, and timeless traditions. Mustang, a forbidden kingdom and a source to the world's deepest gorge, Kali Gandaki is simply phenomenal. Mustang also gives you ample account of Guru Padmasambhava, popularly known as Guru Rimpoche, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.

Max Elevation: 3800 m / 12,467 ft

“The ancient trading route between Nepal and Tibet”

The Tiji festival, “prayer for world peace” which usually takes place in the month of May is an annual event of the natives to honor the victory over evil. This three-day religious ceremony is fundamentally celebrated to strengthen the hope of the people of Lo. The native has faith in the legends of a deity being reincarnated and bringing an end to all the evils and suffering – to mark this, monks in their colorful costumes and masks dance to the soothing rhythm which is simply magical.

Table of Contents

Trip Highlights:

  • The early drive to Pokhara through the unfamiliar slender highway is special with its picturesque view, beautiful landscape, gorges, and farming terraces along with a glimpse of snow-clad mountains at the backdrop.
  • Pokhara (820 m), the second biggest city also very popularly known as the second home of the tourists is the land of extravagant beauty that triggers excitement despite its 6-hour drive.
  • The beautiful Phewa Lake and the magnificence of the Himalayas mounting at the backdrop create an atmosphere of peace and delight.
  • Flying in a small plane to Jomsom Airport 2720 m is simply phenomenal. Walking on the ancient trail along the Kali Gandaki gorge that dates back to 80 million years old with stunning barren, untouched landscape and getting to an antique settlement of Kagbeni is more than anything else.
  • With the dramatic backdrop of snow-white Nilgiri, you enter the land of ammonites. With the dramatic setting of the landscape and through the wind-eroded hills you witness thousands of natural caves now used for varied purposes.
  • The colorful landscapes, very primeval house architecture, and smiling people are simply unique. Tsarang, the land of Chortens is remarkable. The 14th-century walled city of Lo Manthang holds loads of history and legends. The 2000-year-old cave of Chhosar gives you the history of prehistoric human settlements.
  • Ghar Gompa, the first-ever monastery built by Padmasambhava around the 7th century is mesmerizing, and a visit to this monastery is a once-a-lifetime opportunity.

Outline itinerary:

  • DAY 01: Arrive in Kathmandu (1400 m/4593 ft)
  • DAY 02: Half-day city tour/ afternoon trek briefing and preparation / welcome dinner.
  • DAY 03: Drive to Pokhara (820 m/2690 ft)
  • DAY 04: Fly to Jomsom (2720 m/8923 ft) and trek to Kagbeni (2810 m/ 9219 ft).
  • DAY 05: Trek to Chele (3050 m/10,006 ft)
  • DAY 06: Trek to Syangboche (3800 m/12,467 ft)
  • DAY 07: Trek to Ghami (3520 m/11,548 ft)
  • DAY 08: Trek to Tsarang (3560 m/11,679 ft)
  • Day 09: Trek to Lo Manthang (3800 m/12,467 ft)
  • Day 10: Rest day at Lo Manthang.
  • Day 11: Trek to Dhakmar (3820 m/12532 ft) via Ghar Gompa.
  • Day 12: Trek to Syangbuche (3800 m/12467 ft)
  • Day 13: Trek to Chhuksang (2980 m/9776 ft)
  • Day 14: Trek to Kagbeni (2800 m/9186 ft)
  • Day 15: Trek to Jomsom (2720 m/8923 ft)
  • Day 16: Fly to Pokhara
  • Day 17: Fly to Kathmandu (as preferred)
  • Day 18: Transfer to the International Airport.


While trekking in the area of Upper Mustang the legends and ancient history unfolds before you with ample excursions into the ancient monasteries, ancient palaces, and the caves that give you the history of prehistoric settlements or the caves that are now used as burial chambers or place for enlightenment. However, to explore these mysterious places the Mustang Authorities charge an entrance fee which is to be shouldered by the travelers. Travelers are also to bear the cost of any transportation facility used such as jeep or horses in any of distant side excursion.

Upper Mustang Day to Day Itinerary

DAY 01: IN KATHMANDU (1400 m/4593 feet)

Soon you land in Kathmandu airport your group leader will be there to greet you and transfer you to the hotel.


  • Pick up from the international airport.
  • It’s quite remarkable to see the lively activities around while driving to the hotel.
  • Transfer to the hotel by your Group Leader.
  • Arriving early gives you ample opportunity to explore the bustling town of Thamel.


Today would be the most exhilarating day when your leader introduces you to our city tour expert who guides you to the most pious Hindu and Buddhist religious places that are listed in the world heritage sites and elucidates the entire mysticism over its existence.


  • We explore the sights and sounds of world heritage sites in Kathmandu.
  • Witness the traditional cremation at the sacred Hindu temple of Pashupatinath.
  • Visit Boudhanath, one of the largest spherical Stupas in Nepal
  • Trek briefing and equipment distribution in the afternoon.
  • Welcome dinner and getting to know each other.


The early drive to Pokhara through the unfamiliar slender highway is special with its picturesque view, beautiful landscape, gorges, and farming terraces along with a glimpse of snow-clad mountains in the backdrop.


  • Pokhara (820 m), the second biggest city also very popularly known as the second home of the tourists is the land of extravagant beauty that triggers excitement despite its 6-hour drive.
  • The beautiful Phewa Lake and the magnificence of the Himalayas mounting at the backdrop create an atmosphere of peace and delight.
  • Being in Pokhara unlike Kathmandu will definitely add more excitement to your anticipation

DAY 04: FLY TO JOMSOM (2720 m/8923 ft) AND TREK TO KAGBENI (2810 m/ 9219 feet). WALK 3 hrs

We woke up quite early this morning to catch a flight to Jomsom, the district headquarters of Mustang. This short flight takes you through the world's deepest Kali Gandaki Gorge with the glorious view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri is exceptional.


  • 20 minutes of breathtaking flight to the windy valley of Jomsom is unbelievable.
  • Great view with dozens of Himalayan giants poking into the sky.
  • Witness the Kali Gandaki River which dates back to 80 million old flowing from the Tibetan Plateau.
  • After morning tea walk to Kagbeni, the gateway of Upper Mustang through the ancient salt trade trail is unique.
  • Easy walk, lunch at Kagbeni itself – and after lunch excursion around the antique village of Kagbeni which is not to be missed.

DAY 05: TREK TO CHELE (3050 m/10,006 feet) (enter into the restricted upper Mustang area) WALK 7 hrs

Having completed the permit formalities today we enter the restricted area of Upper Mustang. As said to be the desert of Nepal the valley widens with barren and arid surroundings with green villages in the middle that appear more like a mirage which is simply incredible.


  • Walking on the extended trail with Kagbeni and Nilgiri mountain as the backdrop is dazzling.
  • Witness the different parts of the world, the land of ammonites (prehistoric stone) with striking views.
  • The stretch of the Kali Gandaki river bed gives u the ancient history of its existence.
  • The dramatic setting of the landscape with canyons and wind-eroded hills is phenomenal.
  • Lunch at Tangbe or Chhusang, another ancient village.
  • Chele is a small beautiful settlement from where u can overlook the valley with its picturesque setting.

DAY 06: TREK TO SYANGBUCHE (3800 m/ 12467 feet) 5-6 hrs.

Today's walk is more into undulating trails with a couple of steep climbs and descents. Despite the 6-hour walk, the tremendous canyons with their unusual color that opens out are extraordinary. In this bizarre, the farming fields with rich red buckwheat and brilliant green and the south view offering you a panorama of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Tilicho Peak, and YakawaKang add up to its magnificence.


  • The initial steep walk through the hill-cut trail in one of these tremendous canyons is remarkable.
  • You would witness the sky caves which date back more than 3000 years that were used as human settlements, burial chambers, and now lama hermit retreats.
  • Lunch at the small settlement of Bhena which is now a jeep station but with fabulous scenic beauty.
  • Climbing up to the pass before dropping down to Syangboche is remarkable for its unexpected views.
  • Syangboche is a small settlement deep into the valley but has a theatrical setting.

DAY 07: TREK TO GHAMI (3520 m/ 11548 feet) 5 hrs.

From Syangboche we climb gently to a small pass of 3800 m/12,467 ft with extraordinary views of mountains and deep valleys into the wind-eroded canyons. Today's walk is effortless with few short climbs in between but the beautiful scenery alongside would hardly allow us to realize the passing away of time and arrive at Ghami for lunch.


  • Endless colorful gullies to the north, east, and west which is outstanding.
  • South is still dominated by the soaring peaks of Nilgiri, Tilicho, and Annapurna.
  • After lunch free afternoon to explore Ghami, the ancient village with a time-honored monastery, Chortens, and Mani (prayer) walls.

DAY 08: TREK TO TSARANG (3560 m/11679 feet) 4 hrs.

This short trek to Tsarang takes us into the 'Land of Chortens". This trail marks the history and legend of the Indian saint Padmasambhava (750-810 AD), the founder of Tibetan Buddhism who created a fusion of Buddhism with the original Shamanistic religion of Tibet called Bon – whose influence upon the Indian Buddhism makes Tibetan Buddhism so fascinating.


  • Half an hour walk from Ghami we see the Longest ancient mani wall of Mustang.
  • The soaring red cliffs to the west that tell you the legends of Padmasambhava are intriguing.
  • The 4-hour walk brings you to the fascinating big village of Tsarang just looks dramatic.
  • After lunch visit the ancient Monastery and the white palace of Tsarang which is their heritage.
  • Self-exploration around maze-like Tsarang is worth it.

DAY 09: TREK TO LO MANTHANG AND TIJI OPENING CEREMONY (3800 m/ 12467 feet) 4 - 5 hrs.

Finally, we get to the plateau of Lo Monthang, ‘The Capital City’ of Mustang. The fabled walled city of Lo. Lo Manthang the capital city of Mustang contains about 150 houses and has some of the largest and finest Tibetan Buddhism gompas in Nepal. The city itself is absolutely fascinating place with four major ancient Monasteries which are impressive and an enormous 14th-century palace imposing a 4-story building in the center of the city.


  • Fascinating solitary ancient Chorten in the middle of the road after an hour and a half walk from Tsarang.
  • The spectacular view of Lo Manthang, the valley of Thinkar, and Chhosar from the 4000 m pass of Lo-La.
  • View of varied historical ruined forts on the high hills is one of the highlights.
  • After lunch exploration into the legendary walled city of Lo.
  • Witness the opening ceremony of the Tiji Festival.


Today we would do a jeep excursion to the ancient cave that has about 44 compartments and gives you the history of prehistoric human settlements. Next attraction is Nyphu cave monastery built in the high cliff wall that dates back to 14th century

Highlights and Excursions:

  • After breakfast, your leader will organize a jeep for the Chhosar excursion.
  • What u see in Chhosar:
  • Nyphu Cave monastery was built into the side of a soaring cliff.
  • 2500 years Jhong Sky Cave has more than 44 compartments and gives us the prehistoric settlement of humans.
  • Free afternoon to enjoy more of the Tiji Festival


After breakfast, your group leader will organize an excursion to the four major ancient monasteries inside the walled city that were built at the same time the palace was built in the 14th century. These monasteries hold exquisite paintings that are treasured and the restoration is going on for ages to repair the washed-off paintings.


  • Excursion to the four major ancient monasteries inside the walled city.
  • Witness the closing ceremony.

DAY 12: TREK TO GHAMI (3520 m/11,548 ft) VIA GHAR GOMPA (3800 m/ 12467 feet) 8- 9 hrs.

Today we will walk different west terrain which offers you the most beautiful view despite a few steep downhill trials. We visit the world's oldest Tibetan monastery Ghar Gompa built around the 7th century by the incarnated monk Padmasambhava where we will have lunch. We continue to a different valley with a magnificent view of red cliffs to Dhakmar and to the village of Ghami.


  • We take a different trail that leads us to the world's oldest monastery, Ghar Gompa.
  • The views of the landscape and the mountain in the south are mesmerizing.
  • Lunch at a 7th-century monastery is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • The walk to Dhakmar is thrilling with different trails high above the canyons and eroded hills.
  • Dhakmar, a land of red cliffs is one of its kind where a break is worth.

DAY 13: TREK TO SAMAR (3660 m/12,007 feet)

We trace back to the village of Syanboche for lunch where on the way back you have ample opportunity to look back into the missed out views. We will further climb and go over the Pass and trek to the village of Samar and stay overnight.


We again trace back our trail towards the south.


  • Descending down to the Chhusang with a great view of Nilgiri and a wide stretch of Kali Gandaki is significant.
  • Chhusang is another pretty old village with an apple orchard, there are too many Nepali and Tibetan songs sung portraying the beauty of Chhusang.
  • Driving on a local bus to Kagbeni is another adventurous quest.
  • We exit from the restricted area of Mustang and stay overnight in Kagbeni

DAY 15: TREK TO JOMSOM (2720 m/8923 feet)

This morning we start early to avoid the tough Mustang wind that usually triggers early. We trace back the same trail.

Being it a last-night fun activity followed with dancing, eating, drinking, and tipping the local staff.


We take an early morning flight from Jomsom to Pokhara. We fly right into the deepest gorge in the world, Kali Gandaki with a striking view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. Overnight stay in the lake city of Pokhara. Your group leader will assist with the side excursion, if any, as per your requirements.


  • We say a final goodbye to our local trekking crew who will be driving to Kathmandu.


Today we will fly to Kathmandu with the beautiful panoramic Mountain View to your left.


Depending on your flight schedule airport transportation will be provided. Your leader will be there to send you off home.

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