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The following blog post gives you the best reason Why you should Trek to Everest Base Camp. Trekking to Everest Base Camp, the base of the world's highest mountain is certainly a dream for adventurers and thrill-seekers. However, there are several compelling reasons why this journey to the base of Mt. Everest is an experience of a lifetime.

First of all, the Trek to Everest Base Camp gives you an opportunity to be at the base of the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. Under the shadow of Mount Everest, you will enjoy the grandiose 360-degree views of the mighty Himalayan mountains. Particularly during sunrise and sunset, the true beauty of these majestic peaks creates a phenomenon that is simply exceptional.

Moreover, the trek to EBC provides a beautiful prospect to bond with the rich Sherpa culture and traditions. Khumbu region is the home to the Sherpas, the Tibetan origin people who migrated from the East around 600 years ago. As you trek to the Khumbu Valley you'll encounter traditional Sherpa villages, ancient monasteries, Mani walls (Prayer walls), and prayer flags that offer a glimpse into the unique way of life in the region. Furthermore, you will also find the Tibetan Buddhism influence in the region that has shaped their art, architecture, philosophy, and their spiritual practices. 

Additionally, the journey to Everest Base Camp is a personal challenge and achievement that tests your physical and mental endurance. The rugged terrain, high altitudes, and chill factor often test you at every step but in the end, the rewards outweigh all your struggles. Pushing your physical and mental limits in such terrain and situation is exhausting but in the end, the reward you get is profound. It is certainly a proof of your endurance and determination.

So, to say the trek to Everest Base Camp is a beautiful combination of natural beauty, cultural experience, and personal growth. This iconic trek is a true bucket-list adventure for those seeking the thrill of a lifetime.

Furthermore, Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the exceptionally beautiful trekking destinations in the world. This famous destination is known worldwide for its thrills, legends, history, and the most remarkable views. You get to see the majestic mountains from the very first day you fly to Lukla Airport which is indeed like being in heaven. Everest Base Camp Trek is indeed an expedition that takes anyone far beyond their physical capabilities to an unimaginable height. 


Why trek to Everest Base Camp

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Below are the few Reasons Why You Should Trek to Everest Base Camp:

Great Choice for Trekkers, Nature Lovers, and Photographers:

EBC trek is amazingly a great choice for trekkers, nature lovers, and Photographers. It supplies a great variation for trekkers from effortless to extreme trekking. It is certainly a challenge for anyone who seeks to go the extra mile to be in the serenity of the alpine environment and enjoy the divine majestic mountains. Everest is still untouched by the roadway progression and it is very rich with the Sherpa culture. So anyone doing EBC doesn’t miss the cultural aspects of the region which has been very well retained for ages. Furthermore, the views in the Everest region are simply unbelievable which delivers photographers ample opportunity for great shots.

In Kathmandu:

Initially, we start from KATHMANDU the Capital city. The lively activities and the busy city traffic that you would witness once you exit the international airport capture anyone’s interest. Your city tour of the world heritage sites gives you a lot of account of Nepal's history and the tragic 2015 earthquake. Kathmandu, also known as the ‘City of Temples’ OR the ‘City of Glory’ is unique on its own. The city has so much to offer to travelers from far and wide in abundance.

Soon you start adjusting to your jet lag and prepare for your awaited adventure to the base of the world's highest mountain. However, before you even think of getting to EBC the thing that matters most to everyone is the thrilling flight to LUKLA which is indeed and mind-blowing experience.

Lukla: The Gateway to Everest

The most thrilling yet very beautiful airport in the world, Lukla is hidden way beyond the high mountain terrain. On a small Twin Otter plane, we cruise into the mountainous valley piercing into the high clouds against the high wind with an extraordinary view. Eventually, after a brief flight of 35 minutes, we get to the most attractive settlement of Lukla. Lukla is very lively with all the planes flying in and out that would be more of a festival. Soon we head out through the town with ample guest houses, bakeries, local shopping stores, bars, etc. Now, we enter the buffer zone following the Dudh Koshi River along the rich fertile area of Chaurikharkha. From the very beginning, the influence of Tibetan Buddhism is perceived with all the prayer flags, prayer walls, prayer wheels, and prayer stones with the inscription of Tibetan Buddhist chants.

Incredible Namche Bazaar

After the overnight stay at Phakding, we head out to Namche Bazaar. Namche is the Sherpa Capital of the Khumbu region situated at 3,440 m/11,286 feet. The town is naturally designed to look beautiful. The luxury, facilities, and fun of being at Namche are away from the world. The town is an ideal stop for acclimatization on your approach to Everest Base Camp. It is certainly a very charming, unbelievable, and very captivating experience to be in a mountain paradise miles away from maddening city life and vehicles.

During the acclimatization day, Trekkers go on an acclimatization excursion high up to the hill of Syangbuche. From Syangboche, the view of mountains like Everest, Lhotse, Thamserku, Amadablam, etc is simply amazing. There is likewise a local market held in the town on Fridays and Saturdays where you can buy merchandise from Local Traders who set up their stalls in the Square. Actually, the Namche Bazaar was a significant meeting point for Nepali and Tibetan traders during ancient times, especially during the Salt Trade.

Trekkion to Everest Base Camp

Traditional Phortse village:

Situated at an elevation of 3,950 meters / 12,959 feet, Phortse Village is a gorgeous-looking settlement nestled at a plateau that is very quiet and not very commercial. Crossing the Gokyo River trekkers or climbers walk the Rhododendron forest with the most sighting of Musk Deer and Pheasants and get to the fertile land of Phortse. Observing from the other side of the valley the village of Phortse looks much like a terraced plateau with traditional houses. It’s an alternative route to EBC that skips the swarming Tengboche monastery trail.

This small settlement provides travelers with a great view of soaring snow-capped mountains. The stunning natural surroundings of Phortse are very enchanting. It is an ideal place to stay overnight in the serene mountain environment skipping the commercial EBC trail. However, gradually Phortse is being recognized by most companies as an alternative route simply for the reason of its fascinating ambiance of being there.

Alpine Dingboche:

Trek from Phortse to Dingboche offers travelers a highly elevated trail that supplies anyone with a delightful trekking experience and a stunning landscape view. Gradually the green lush valley starts transforming into an alpine setting with rugged trails and alpine shrubs. Despite being away from the tree line travelers get very close to the grandiose mountains which are simply mind-boggling. Eventually following the glacier river and the Himalayan meadow we get to yet another beautiful settlement of Dingboche, situated at the height of 4,350 m/14,271 feet.

Dingboche is very well fenced by the lofty peaks at 360°. It is a town where most trekkers and climbing spend yet another acclimatization day giving your body the fundamental time it needs to adapt to this thin air. The excursion offers glorious views of Lhotse (4th highest mountain in the world), Makalu (5th highest mountain in the world), Amadablam, Island Peak, and many more. Your time spent at Dingboche will be loaded with activities, village exploration, and fresh coffee in one of the bakeries is something not to be missed.

Thukla Pass Monuments:

From Dingboche, we now steadily advanced towards our main goal to Everest Base Camp. However, as we proceed towards Lobuche we cross Thukla pass, which is, obviously, the most noteworthy highlight while doing the EBC trek. The pass is situated at an elevation of 4800 m / 15748 feet high up in the rugged mountain terrain plateau that gives anyone the most elegant view of the high snow mountains and the Cholatse Lake. Thukla Pass is loaded with memorials dedicated to all who met with a tragic death or incidents in several mountains in the Everest region including Scott Fischer. Being at this point sometimes generates a feeling of sadness and grief. Despite it being a place of Everest's tragic monuments it’s very delightful and the moment we spend there to take a break or for a quick picture and breathe normally before heading out to Lobuche is sensational.

The Everest Base Camp 5,360 m / 17,585 feet:

Ultimately, after all the hard work and struggle, arriving at Everest base camp, the gateway to the world’s highest mountain is certainly very satisfying. It’s a moment of pride and achievement. Walking over the boulders and terrain with absolutely no sign of trail other than yak track and finally walking over the active glacier of Khumbu ice-fall is sensational. in the midst of thin air to witness the pinnacles of Khumbu ice-fall, all the expedition tents, and the sign on the rock that reads Everest Base Camp 5360 m make anyone emotional about their accomplishment.

This beautiful feeling of fascination and motivation turns out too enormous to hold as one stands under the shadow of the highest mountain in the world. The blue sky, the towering mountain surrounding you, and the pride of your success are certain to inspire and make anyone live their life full of valor and a positive mindset.

Beuty of Trekking to EBC

The ascent of Kala Patthar 5,545 m / 18,192 Feet:

After the victorious ascent of Everest Base Camp, we truly need to conquer Kala Patthar 5545 m / 18,192 Feet, the highest point of the entire EBC trip. The view from the summit of Kala Patthar is simply phenomenal. Both sunrise and sunset view is very rewarding. It’s a vertical climb which is certainly challenging but very worthwhile once you get to it. One could see the world’s highest mountain standing tall and overlooking the entire region and still looking magnificent among its neighboring peaks.

Famous Tengboche Monastery:

Heading back down to the treeline really makes a difference. You will breathe a sigh of relief to get back down to a lower elevation with much oxygen to breathe. The overnight stay at Tengboche Monastery situated at 3,867 m/12,687 feet is something very spiritual. Tengboche holds a fascinating history and significance of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. The legend behind the construction of the monastery is unique and your local group leaders are always very pleased to recount the legend. Tengboche offers travelers a 360° view of the royal mountain including Everest. The visit to the monastery to hear the mantra (religious chants) and light a butter lamp is of great spiritual value. Being here for a day and enjoying the serenity of the divine setting is something nowhere to be found.

Putting Together:

The Everest Base Camp Trek is undoubtedly the most popular trekking that should be on your bucket list. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes travelers from the low-lying slopes of Nepal to the base of the world's highest mountain. It’s a world heritage site with awe-inspiring mountain views, and picturesque landscapes, and introduces you to the Tibetan Buddhist culture. It is an experience not found elsewhere. Every year thousands of trekkers and climbers from far and wide come to attain their long-cherished dream. Additionally, the legend states that the quest for Everest has been there since the early 1920s. The future states that the quest is equally permanent and will never cease.

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