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Your epic quest for Nepal can only be met once you leave your comfort zone and head out towards your dream. Trekking in Nepal is an adventure that has always been successful in delivering a beautiful and inspiring experience. Nepal being culturally rich is a paradise for adventure seekers offering anyone with diverse aspects of the adventure. Despite being a small country the baffling fact about Nepal is that the amount of adventure prospects it puts forth before us is miraculous.  No other small country of the size of Nepal could offer such variety. All these variations definitely add more fun to your epic quest for Nepal.

Trekking into the legendary trails of Nepal, with vibrant hills and skyrocketing snow-clad mountains is an inception to a life-changing prospect. Furthermore, the walk into the deep gorges and cultural villages is earnestly away from the world. Begin your epic quest for Nepal.

Nepal is literally an adventure playground where trekking variations from subtropical to the desert to alpine is a phenomenal experience. People are of the notion that trekking in Nepal is of grave concern it involves grueling workouts and challenging physical groundwork due to its terrain formation. The truth is Nepal has scores of effortless foothill treks for beginners to start with. Further, it equivalently offers alike fascination with cultural villages and magnanimous mountain views unlike anything else on Earth.

Walk on time-honored trekking trails through traditional settlements, ancient terraced fields, and emerald forests. The Himalayan pastureland with the backdrop of awe-inspiring majestic mountains as a crucial part of your trekking is out of the ordinary.

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Walk to the Everest region is something heavenly. The genuine venture originates right from the day when you fly to the world’s most daring airport, Lukla in a small twin-otter plane. Getting close to the majestic peak from the very first day, walking the celebrated trail along the Dudh Koshi River, and crossing the high suspension bridge that gives anyone the flashback of the illustrious scene from the movie “EVEREST” is simply enthralling. The pleasure of being at the base of the world's highest peak, Everest, and her neighboring peaks is inconceivable. Don't miss your opportunity to explore Nepal when you have a chance.


Annapurna region has so much to offer to the travelers. You just need to come up with an aspiration of traveling to the foothills with a subtropical setting OR to the alpine going over the high passes. OR to the desert of Mustang or Dolpo OR climbing snow-clad peaks. Annapurna simply meets the requirements of anyone with abundant adventure alternatives. You walk the world’s deepest gorge (Kali Gandaki Gorge) or the world’s largest pass (Thorang Pass) or get high up to the world’s highest lake (Tilicho Lake). All these are just simple trailers that Annapurna proposes. Other than these the cosmic Annapurna region presents diverse adventure substitutions to choose for anyone as per their prerequisites.

The Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang:

Opened in 1992 to the outside world Mustang is unique in its features. Mustang offers anyone an exceptional perspective paralleled to other popular trips like Everest or Annapurna. The legends and history are simply mesmeric. The deep gorges, the dramatic landscape setting, and the soaring Annapurna range at the backdrop are sensational. The centuries-old cliff-hanging monasteries, the sky caves, and the Tibetan Buddhist culture are awe-inspiring. Said to be the desert of Nepal but then again the fascination of being in Upper Mustang is away from this world experience.

The traditional settlements of Mustang give anyone the medieval experience. Consequently, the stunning vegetation of buckwheat and willows looks more like a mirage that appears in the middle of no way. Mustang is a ‘land of Mystery’ conserved for ages which is still very untouched and very refined. More significantly trekking to Mustang is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Known as “The Valley of Red Pandas”, Langtang is one of the closest trekking destinations to the capital city of Kathmandu. The region of Langtang that falls to the North of Kathmandu is ruled by the sky-high peak of Langtang Lirung 7,234 m (23,734 ft) and is one of the major trekking destinations visited by thousands of visitors both local and international every year. This region was gravely devastated by the 8.2 scale Earthquake of April 25th, 2015. It is indeed very tragic that nearly 300 fatalities have been reported in the region of Langtang.

However, a lot of aftermath transformation is stirring in the valley of Langtang with much hope. However, everyone is impatient to witness the new revolution in the region which is promising. The people of Langtang who call themselves ‘Tamangs’ are the Peace-Loving people. These Tamangs have lived their lives in these sacred valleys of Langtang under the base of majestic peaks. They have undeniably proved their power to endure the torments of life with a beautiful smile on their face.


Manaslu, ‘The Spirit Mountain’ is the eighth-highest mountain in the world, 8,163 meters (26,781 ft.) above sea level. The region being the main epicenter for the tragic 2015, 8.2 Magnitude earthquake trekkers are of the notion that Manaslu not being a safe destination. However, it is simply a lack of true information. Though the earthquake has undeniably brought about a transformation on the regular trekking trails nevertheless, Manaslu is very safe. Furthermore, it is the best alternative to the Annapurna circuit trek which is a part of a Great Himalayan Trail. Manaslu is less trodden and offers anyone a variety of trekking options.

Besides trekking and climbing, Nepal has so much to offer to anyone with innumerable adventure alternatives to escalate the ultimate travel experience. Nepal is truly a ‘traveler paradise’ because apart from extreme ventures the country has to offer other additional activities. It delivers activities like bungee jumping, zip-flying, paragliding, rafting, ultra-light air-crafting, mountain flights, mountain biking, canyoning, etc., and abundant Tours. Nepal Pyramids is here to craft your epic quest for Nepal dreams into reality. Give yourself a chance to get lost in the mystical secret land of Nepal. Caliber your adventure passion to understand the genuine Nepal ethos, undertake venture, and relish your long-hungered dream.

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