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Nepal Pyramids Trekking & Climbing
  • Sylvia
    SylviaAustralia,October 23, 2023
    Get Ready to Ja aum

    I traveled in Nepal with a group of 5 friends, mature but fit women. We had booked with Nepal Pyramids as one of our party had traveled with them on a previous trip. We trekked the Mardi Himal, and 4 Annapurna Viewpoints (Annapurna - Dhaulagiri trek) ending at Mohare Danda down to Ulleri. The pre-travel information, dates, meeting points, pick-ups, and transfers were all on time. The travel arrangements throughout our trip were organized and efficient. The equipment provided (sleeping bags, jackets, bags, maps) were all top quality. The points of difference with Nepal Pyramids were the personal touches and the wonderful personnel. On arrival, we were met at the airport with marigold garlands, and on departure, we were accompanied to the airport and draped with silk scarves for safe travel. Expectations were discussed at the initial briefing, guidelines were set. We were introduced to our assistant guide, Jai, and tour guide, Sunil Gurung. They set the pace, they were the ‘markers’ at the front and back of our group. We could spread out as far as we wanted in between our ‘markers’. At the first briefing, we learned an important phrase, ‘ja aum’ pronounced ‘shjum’ meaning ‘let’s go’. When our assistant guide Jai said ‘ja aum’ we shjummed! We adopted this phrase and had lots of fun motivating ourselves whenever we needed to move on from a rest stop or chat along the path. The trails and sites along the treks we did were majestic (mountain views), magical (forest walks), beautiful (meadow walks), picturesque (villages and terraces), and breathtaking (ridges). There were a lot of stairs! The aspects that lifted this trek were the spontaneous extras that Sunil and his team created and facilitated along the way. Alfresco breakfasts and lunches in courtyards of tea houses when the sun was shining; cooking our own Tibetan, Gurung or Pun bread; joining us in yoga on a mountain top at sunrise; seeing yaks on a mountain ridge, and walking up with us to see them up close and talk to the shepherds; putting us on a local bus to visit Bindhyabasini Temple at the beginning of Dashain; letting us choose the type of boat we traveled in across Phewa Lake; an extra afternoon walk to 360-degree viewpoint at Kopra Ridge.The vistas during the trek were magnificent and the extra experiences during the trek made it memorable. Sunil, Jai, Pemba, Dawa and MingMa made our trek so enjoyable, they were friendly, happy, patient, and ever-vigilant. They were fonts of knowledge and answered millions of questions on politics, socio-economics, religions, geography (lots of mountain naming), geology, cultures, and flora and fauna, along with their own personal stories that we found so compelling. We received realistic briefings each evening about what to expect the following day. These briefings were also a source of fun as we teased and challenged Sunil about the true nature of the walks he had in store for us. We learned another phrase, ‘Nepali flat’. There is no such thing as a flat walk in the foothills of the Himalayas so I will leave the meaning of that phrase up to your imagination! This trek with Nepal Pyramids has been a true adventure and a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Sunil and his passionate team for any trek in Nepal.

  • susan
    susanAustralia,October 18, 2023
    Fab five on 14 day trek with Nepal Pyramids team

    Nepal Pyramids, led by Sunil Gurung & supported by his marvelous team of assistant guides, Jai & porters Pemba, Dawaa & Mingma, were the backbone of our fantastic 14-day trek to Mardi Himal & four viewpoints via the Annapurna & Dhaulagiri trail & Mohare Dada trails - off the beaten track routes through stunning enchanted forests, over high, alpine-like meadows & down lush terraced valleys. We stayed in picturesque village tea houses & remote community lodges all full of atmosphere & charm & always warmly welcomed by local owners & caretakers. We were blown away by the variety & quality of the food which was prepared fresh for each meal. Highly recommend the Tibetan or Pun bread, garlic soup, pancakes, versions of fried rice & omelets, the ever-delicious Dahl Baht & endless cups of fresh lemon & ginger or mint tea. We were blessed with stunning views of the Annapurna & Dhaulagiri mastiffs - serene & surreal experiences. We were in awe of the majesty & drama of their sunrise reveals & enthralled by their mellifluous presence during our daily walks. Each day brought new & delightful highlights - a yak herd encounter, a spontaneous sunrise yoga session, bubbling streams, cheeky monkeys, roaring waterfalls, delicate meadow flowers, magnificent valley views, and alfresco meals on sun-drenched terraces; all made possible by our enthusiastic & highly knowledgeable guide, Sunil. We cannot recommend this Nepali company highly enough. There is no substitute for their authenticity, local knowledge & expertise.

  • Marg
    MargAustralia,October 17, 2023
    Trekking and touring Nepal.

    Nepal Pyramids guided my group through Mardi Himal and 4 viewpoints of Annapurna. The trek was led by Sunil and an amazing crew who made sure we had a fabulous time. We had great food along the way and we enjoyed some amazing views of the beautiful Himalayan mountains. Nepal Pyramids also provided guided tours of Pokhara and Katmandu. Sunil has excellent English and we always felt well looked after, with lots of laughter along the journey. I recommend this company if you are planning a trek in Nepal. Margaret Brand

  • Chrish Donaghy
    Chrish DonaghyAustralia,October 01, 2023
    Fantastic Trip

    We had an amazing 3 weeks trekking with our guide Arjun. The trip was exactly as described but exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Arjun’s knowledge, support, and attention to detail helped ensure we had a great time.

  • Punam Prasad
    Punam PrasadIndia,June 03, 2023
    Amazing and memorable trek experience with Nepal Pyramids trekking company

    Had an amazing trek experience with the Nepal Pyramids team. While interacting with Sunil to plan the itinerary along with other details, he was very patient and also helped with many suggestions & tips to plan a good trek. The package is very transparent & no hidden charges are there. In fact, tips from them helped us save money on phone & internet charges.

    Our guide Netra and Porter Maila assigned by Nepal Pyramids were a good fit for us. They were very patient, helpful, caring and supportive throughout the almost 3 weeks long trek Annapurna Circuit trek with Tilicho Lake Trek.

    My husband had a migraine problem and the medicines given by Netra was able to help him with his migraine. In fact, Netra is very experienced guide with over 30 years of experience and has undergone multiple trainings in high-altitude medicine. We learnt a lot from him as to how small preventive steps taken help to prevent problems later. We learned a lot from Netra. His tips & experience made us confident and decided to not take Diamox throughout the trek. We were able to successfully complete the trek without Diamox & without any other issues.

    The guide also helped to pace us when going from Thorong Phedi to High Camp and also from High Camp to Thorongla Pass. His pacing helped us to complete the Thorongla pass without getting exhausted & burnt out.

    We are very delighted with our experience with the Nepal Pyramids and have already decided on the trek we want to do next year with them. :-)

  • Juliette Petrie
    Juliette PetrieUnited Kingdom,April 23, 2023
    Instant Everest

    Another amazing trip with Nepal Pyramids. Thank you to Sunil and Arjun for their 1st class professional advice before the trip and care during the trip. I highly recommend Nepal Pyramids.

  • Samuel Hung
    Samuel HungHong Kong,April 20, 2023
    The EBC and Kala Patthar trekking Nepal

    We went with the Nepal Pyramids trekking company for the second time. This time we took on the EBC 5364m and Kala Patthar 5550m.

    We had allowed 16 days for this feat but mind you that April is a high season for the Iconic EBC trekking and therefore there were droves of people on the trail. This busyness has made the trail traffic, tea houses demand and meal times plus all the things you could imagine very much not ideal, especially as you go further higher in altitudes.

    Nonetheless, Sunil from the trekking company has arranged in certain sections up to the EBC different routes so that we could avoid the crowds. We all very much enjoyed those two days when we were not on the conventional route up to the EBC.

    When we got to Gorakshep 5200m, for some reasons our room bookings were not there and we were not to have any spare rooms for the night due to the big crowds of trekkers. We were offered outdoor tents ⛺️ for the time being; mind you that the night time temperature then could drop to -14 degree Celsius and it would certainly not be fun to retire outdoors. Sunil, our charming guide, somehow managed to borrow the Gorakshep clinic to put the 4 us inside for the night. We were very happy and at least we had a clean shelter to get through that night.

    We have to say that Nepal Pyramids people are professional as well flexible. We understand that given that the circumstances were uncertain sometimes, we were still being looked after sound and well to finally achieving our goal and at the same enjoying the process and experience that came along.

    Thank you very much to Nepal Pyramids and its team.

    We have no doubt recommending these good people as your guide in Nepal, and we are looking forward to going back there to do other treks in the future.

  • Michelle F
    Michelle FUnited Kingdom,April 16, 2023
    Instant Everest Trek

    We did the Instant Everest Trek with Nepal Pyramids and had an amazing couple of weeks trekking. The trek was challenging but completely exhilarating and worth the effort for the breathtaking scenery, especially the incredible views of Everest. Our guide Arjun was fantastic! He spoke excellent English, had a great sense of humour and ensured we were well-informed about what was coming up during the trek each day, including what clothing to wear. When my body began to feel the effects of the the high altitude Arjun had the medication and sound advice which meant I could continue to enjoy my trip. Even when it snowed and meant we could not trek the original route, Arjun efficiently organized 'Plan B' which ensured we would still reach our planned stop points, just via a slight detour. Nepal Pyramids provided an excellent service from the initial planning stages right the way through our entire trip. I cannot recommend them highly enough!